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your concerts in mexico...
Old 10th May 2010
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Smile your concerts in mexico...

Hello Alan,I'm a big fan of yours.I couldn't believe the news when I heard you were doing a tour in Mexico about 2 or 3 years ago,and you came to my city,san luis potosi.I went to your concert,which was fantastic,but never imagined the possibility to meet you in person.
Days later i found out you stayed in my town for 2 or 3 more days,even went to a friend's bar and jammed with your musicians with you on the mixing board!.I should've tried harder!

On a funny note a friend of mine who worked at the holiday Inn you stayed at was braggin' that he had met Alan Parson and had his and his musician's autograph.When I saw the signatures I didn't recognize yours so I asked him what happened.He said:
"oh i forgot to collect the signature of a very tall guy sitting in a sofa".
i said well...that was Alan Parsons.. ; )
Old 1st June 2010
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Great story

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