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Games People Play?
Old 10th May 2010
Games People Play?

Hello Mr. Parsons, amazing that you are here participating on this web site. Thank you. I have many times said to myself while working / mixing ---"I wonder how Alan Parsons would handle this...?"

Your work has been a benchmark for myself and most everyone I know who listens for a living, for as long as I can remember. You are a groundbreaking, forward thinking individual with an extraordinary imagination for certain. It definitely shows in your work.

OK, right then, so on to my question I reckon.

Hmmm what do you ask Alan Parsons when you get ONE question in your lifetime? There isn't a single good one really.

However, I will make an attempt. Here goes...

Can you remember which synth was used on the song "Games People Play?"

Was there a metronome track?

Also, was it difficult to keep the band in sync (hi hat, drums etc. with the synth) for that performance? I truly love that snare sound. It hits you in the chest when played loud at just the right frequencies.

Also, there is a very nice "air" frequency thing going on in the vocal tracks. Nice and breathy with no sibilance. Nice

Any info in terms of how this particular song was produced, would be fantastic. This song sticks with me because of it's message... mostly.

I have wondered for many years now, how it was put together with the technology available back then. That is the type of production that separated the "men from the boys" when that tune was released.

Sorry, I just noticed that I asked more than one question really.

Thank you sir! Great work, and I am certain there is more coming.
I hope for a very long time.
Best regards,
Old 1st June 2010
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Not a synth. The loop was a genuine tape loop mixed from a combination of analog sounds - pianos, harpsichord, acoustic guitar. I think it probably was pretty hard to play to - we may have actually overdubbed a "wild" click track to play to - I don't remember

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