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Your mix on Ambrosia's Holdin' On to Yesterday
Old 9th May 2010
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Your mix on Ambrosia's Holdin' On to Yesterday

Hey Alan-

I've always liked this one on several levels. The song is great and the mix has a great build throughout. There is actually a lot happening in there with tons of instruments/voices moving in and out from beginning to end. The build at the end is also fantastic.

Do you remember working on this one at all? In the hands of a non-pro, this could've ended up very cluttered mess imo. Instead, it's very well balanced throughout with things dropping back and coming back in in a very cool way. I'm not even sure how all this stuff fit on 24 tracks if that was the type of machine used for the band in 1975.

Is this another example of loading tape and you just sort of knew where to go with the mix? Or maybe had to really figure out how to bring all these elements in and out ? I especially love the way that violin interacts.

I don't know about you, but I can't seem to mix this kind of stuff on my daw. I almost always move over to my old 3700 with its vca faders to "play" mixes together rather than assemble.

Anyway, I learn (or try to learn) a lot by simply listening to all the varied things you get involved with.
Old 1st June 2010
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It was a great track to work on - the standard of recording was very high on the whole album. The violin was mixed pretty much exactly as played - but this album was very much a hands on mix - no automation and lots of edits.

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