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Wow, this is fantastic! Like many others on here, I am a huge fan of both your solo work and the albums with the "Project". Eye In The Sky and Ammonia Avenue are 2 of the albums I still own on all formats: LP, cassette, and 2 copies each on CD (including the new expanded versions!). Your production work, combined with Eric Woolfson's melodies, of course, are probably the primary reasons I even pursued production/songwriting work in my life.

For so many years I'd scrutinized every note and sound on all of the albums, but missed out on the album Freudiana until I "discovered" it many years later via the internet. It is definitely amongst my favorite albums, but some aspects of the production are so different from other APP releases. When I think of the "Alan Parsons Sound", I think of crystal-clearness, crisp drums, huge sonic ensembles and impeccably clear guitar sound (both electric and acoustic). But on Freudiana, there are tracks like "Funny You Should Say That" where the production starts out very compressed -- almost like a lo-fi radio -- but then really opens up with the chorus 'Fantasia...' Can you shed a little light on why Freudiana is such a distinctive album compared to other works in your discography and why it didn't have a proper "mainstream release" like the other albums?

(Sorry for so much verbosity before getting to the question -- it's truly an honor to communicate with you directly!)

Thanks so much!

- Tim
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"Funny You Should SAY THAT" was specifically designed to sound like a Disney cartoon with the sound as heard in a move theatre. In the chorus it goes HI Fi. Fantasia is of course another Disney reference.

Freudiana started life as an APP, but that changed as interest developed in the stage musical in Vienna so it became more Lloyd Webberesque.

It was Eric's decision that it should not be released as an APP. It is my view that the album stiffed because of that alone. It was the last time we worked together.

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