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For Dave - Compression
Old 1st September 2008
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For Dave - Compression

Hi Dave, thank you so much for doing this again, we really appreciate it.

On a Sound on Sound article you commented that you never liked compression and that you really like dynamics in a mix, does that means that you use little compression or maybe none at all? Do you use fader rides instead of compressors or something like that? What is your approach?

Thanks thumbsup.
Old 4th September 2008
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I probably should have said i don't like the "overuse" of compression. I honestly still can't seem to get a handle on 2-buss compression. I try it, then bypas it and like that better. I have been studying some Chris Lord Algae mixes lately and am amazed at what he does with compression. He is truly a master. I played in a lot of live bands, and quickly learned that dynamics were a major tool in entertaining an audience. I also learned from Ron Fair and Christina that when a singer gets loud, let them be loud! That is still hard for me to accept sometimes. If you check around I have outlined my division of compression into 3 categories before. Wanna guess? (I know, I know this isn't grade school, but I'm wiped. 2 all niters this week.

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