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Statements to the Negative-
Old 1st September 2008
soulstudios 🎙️
Statements to the Negative-

Dave - you've not been one to mince words, or to not deliberately try to offend the old guard of the recording industry with your opinion - obligatory sample quote: "I don't like the word warm. For me it's another word for dull. I love saying that, because it pisses a lot of people off!".

But is there anything you wish you had not said - or anything that's come back to haunt you in ways you didn't intend - so far?
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Old 4th September 2008
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Sure, it seems like on a daily basis I upset somebody. The engineers I tease are the ones I owe it all to. Without their shoulders to stand on, we would be mighty low to the ground. I have actually studied and spent 1000's of hours listening to their records. There are hundreds of CD's I have worn out, trying to steal ideas, and make myself a better engineer. But I'm just a skeptic and smart-ass at heart. I truly love our profesion, and give all those in it respect. But I still enjoy pointing out ego, arrogance, and an unwillingness to accept any music that is new.

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