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Advice for aspiring producers and engineers
Old 30th September 2015
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Advice for aspiring producers and engineers

Hi Dave, what advice would you give to younger aspiring producers and engineers who want to 'make it' in a difficult business? Is there anything you'd change about your own career path? Thanks!
Old 30th September 2015
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The best advice I can give anyone that wants to make it in this business is the same advice I was given when I started out. First and for most ; Always do your best. Never depend on anyone else .Never assume anything. I will say that again NEVER ASSUME ANYTHING . Never assume someone else is going to do your job or everything in the recording process is going along fine.
Be aware of EVERYTHING in the studio.. DO NOT BE LAZY . Do EVERYONES JOB . in other words(AND I CAN NOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH!!) TAKE THE INITIATIVE!!!!! I hire interns all the time
who just sit around looking bored . THEY DONT LAST 2 MINUTES! . When I started out I was ALWAYS asking WHAT CAN I DO ? Plus I would constantly ask questions. Any decent engineer or
producer is HAPPY to answer questions. (Just as I am doing now). Sure there are jerks that will not give you the time of day. BE PERSISTENT!! By doing EXCELLENT work. By being ATTENTIVE
and by taking the initiative YOU WILL BE NOTICED . Also , never pretend to "know it all" AND NEVER EVER LIE. Mistakes can be forgiven (EVERYBODY MAKES THEM) however a lier is found out
and TRUST is our number one calling card. Obviously I feel strong about these points however THIS IS THE STUFF THAT SEPARATES THE MEN FROM THE WANNA BEES!! Lastly , being smart and
bright ONLY gets you to the starting line . Your aspiring to be in a biz full of cleaver people. No one cares if YOU think your smart. What is important are RESULTS. PERIOD . Be open and friendly
with EVERYONE. And please , don't be one of these people always putting down other peoples hard work . My father used to say "God Bless ANYONE trying to make a buck in the music business." I say welcome to anyone starting out and he or she have my blessings. Be nice to everyone because everyone you meet on the way up you will again meet on the way down!

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