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54-40 - Show Me etc
Old 24th September 2015
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54-40 - Show Me etc

Not sure how well-known these guys are outside of Canada but they were one of my favourite bands as a younger man! I do love their early output especially, which obviously you were heavily involved in.

'Show Me' in particular is an important record - as the producer of that one, how much influence did you have in "polishing up" their sound? It seems like this record defined the sound of that late-80s era for the band and the followup stuff was very much on the same page.

Would love to hear any other memories of making these records, especially finding the guitar sounds - Phil Comparelli was actually a pretty big influence on my own personal guitar quest, always loved his tone and his phrasing.

Do you recall what kind of synths were being used on some of those tracks (One Gun, for example)?

Finally, would also love to know how you felt when Hootie & The Blowfish struck absolute platinum years later with their cover of 'I Go Blind' - it sure seemed an unlikely thing to pluck out of relative obscurity and it's virtually note-for-note.

Thanks again!!!
Old 24th September 2015
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Thanks for the question. I will try to remember as that was a long time ago! First of all, I have nothing but great memories concerning working with 54-40 . Phil Comparelli in particular became
a good friend on that album. We recorded that album at three studios. I did the basic tracks and guitars at my studio in Hollywood Eldorado. We then went to Vancouver to Little Mountain
studios for the vocals. When we were recording the vocals Aerosmith was in the other room recording their album Pump. Joe Perry was doing his guitar overdubs in the next room and his
guitar amp was so loud their is his guitar on the 54-40 vocal tracks! We just left it for a vibe. The One Gun synth was an Oberhiem OBX 8 (if I remember correctly) The synth was sequenced
and was the first thing recorded on the album.I decided ( after recording One Gun ), that it needed a bridge so we wrote a bridge up in Toronto ( we were there for the Juno Awards) and we
booked a studio in Toronto and put it in. After the album was recorded I went back to my studio Eldorado and I mixed it.
Old 26th September 2015
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Hi Dave,

Wow..this is going way back.
The stdio in Toronto was "Comfort Sound" and I was working on those sessions.
Don't recall much, aside that great hook line and the relaxed time schedule of those days.

I've found some older pix's, but by the time you guys were in the Ampex was replaced with new Otari's and the nearfield were Tannoys or Genelecs.

Great to have you here !
I frequently use your work with Herbie Hancock as reference when moving around.

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