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Mix decisions: Your opinion vs. Artist's
Old 22nd September 2015
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Mix decisions: Your opinion vs. Artist's

Hello! I was just wondering how you deal with a situation in which you are working with an artist, and you have presented your idea of the "mix" etc., and they have differing views or desires beyond or perspectives on a song other then your own?
Obviously I imagine your desire is to serve the vision of the artist, but have you had contentious sessions in that regard? And to what lengths have you had to go through to deal with this kind of thing? Are you open to revisions etc? And has the "modern" era of recall etc made that a total pain?

Old 23rd September 2015
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How I approach the politics of mixing is to first mix it as I want. Then I talk to the artist/band and get their notes to incorporate their wishes in the mix. And yes, sometimes there is a
difference in opinion.It works its way out. I do try my best to give the artist what they want without ending up with something stupid.

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