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Working with analog consoles and/or DAWs
Old 21st September 2015
Working with analog consoles and/or DAWs

Hi Dave,

Awesome to have you around, big fan of your work! AiC was very important to me when I was growing up on heavy sounds, Dirt was a such decisive record for me, I was a kid when I first heard and can remember to this day the impact of that "Them Bones" intro riff, so thanks for making it sound like that!

My question is about consoles and DAWs (i.e. Pro Tools). Are you still rocking a big analog console? If so, which one? Any particular one you enjoy working with?

Following up, what's your take on digital audio workstations? Do you work with Pro Tools (or other DAWs)? Have you done any records exclusively inside the box with a DAW or are you taking a hybrid approach combining analog and digital?

Would love to hear on Pro Tools and digital recording/mixing in general.

Thanks for doing this!

Best regards,

Old 22nd September 2015
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I still use big analog consoles . For recording I always use a NEVE and for mixing I use SSL (4000). We use Pro Tools however I record Drums and Bass on my 16/24 track Studer (with AMPEX
playback electronics) . At home I use Logic X . Logic is great for demoing a track or creating sound effects ( and experimenting with crazy pug-ins).
So , I use both Analog and digital. When recording I prefer to use analog outboard gear as opposed to plug-ins. The main problem I have with digital is that it can sound too "clean"
I have really nothing against Plug-ins and there are some great emulations out there. And as far as plug-ins go I use them on Logic X extensively because they are so handy without having to
have all that gear (analog gear) at home. For my Master recordings I do use some plug-ins mainly for effects. I also use utility type pug-ins such hum removal and filters.

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