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Symbol of salvation (drums)
Old 19th September 2015
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Symbol of salvation (drums)

As a drummer myself, This album was hugely influential to me ! Gonzo is an amazing drummer, Do you have any recollection of the mics that were used on his kit and room. Did he track through a console? Ive always been curious about this album, as it one if the greatest, and most powerful sounding for me. And thank you, for being part of some of my favorite albums. As I have spent many years enjoying your work.
Old 21st September 2015
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The drums on Symbol were done like all my recordings. Here is a rundown of mics. D-112 and Neumann M49 -kicks , Sm57's top and bottom snare, 421's top and bottom Toms, 414's (3) overheads , U87's room mics. We used outboard API pre-amps. I recorded on an SSL so I used the SSL channel compressors on the Toms and Summit compressors on the overheads.For the room I used a Fairchild 670 stereo Compressor . 1176 on the kick and combined top and bottom snare mics. I also had a 451 mic on the ride cymbal (not compressed)
The M49 on the kicks (I used one ) was about 6 feet in front of the drums close to the floor. On this mic I used a Telefunkin U73b compressor. I cut drums with little or no EQ. My EQing is
mostly High Passing the overheads and adding some mids to the kick for "snap" . I use the filters on the SSL for this and API 550's for any kick and snare EQ'S.
Old 24th September 2015
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Hi Dave - are you recording that compression during tracking, or adding it later in the mix?

Old 25th September 2015
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I depends on the song. I usually use compression on the Drums and bass when recording. That also goes for the vocals. Guitars it depends on the signal . When mixing I always use an SSL
Quad compressor at the mix buss even if I am mixing on my Neve. When mixing on an SSL I tend to use more compression . I pick either the SSL or Neve consoles for mixing depending on the
sound I am going for.

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