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Social Distortion sound
Old 19th September 2015
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Social Distortion sound

I love the Social Distortion, Social Distortion sound on that album. Perfectly mixed. One of the best rock albums ever. The guitars are so strong (I believe because like you had said in a previous post how you tend to boost in low mid area). Could you talk a little about how you did that on this album and how you were able to still have the vocals come through so well without the low mid strong guitar taking up the space?
Also any reverb delays etc used?
Thank you very much for taking the time to do this,
Old 20th September 2015
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These mixes were very easy to do. I kept the arrangements "open" . Actually my idea in mixing was to make the sound more like early Hank Williams with big guitars ! Mike Ness has such a
strong voice.He was easy to place in the mix . There was slight reverb (Lexicon 480 digital reverb with my own program) on the drums . I had a slight harmonizer effect on Mikes' vocals.
I keep the guitars dry. Believe it or not Mike and I argued about the guitar sound until the end.Then he loved it! I wanted the guitars more heavy sounding to add impact . Mike wanted just
a standard Fender "Twang". I was afraid it would sound like a straight country album unless we stuck our necks out (concerning the guitar sound) By the time we got to the second album i did
with them there was no argument about the guitar sound.Oh yea, there was some reverb on Mikes vocals.

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