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Ritual de lo habitual drums & bass
Old 19th September 2015
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Ritual de lo habitual drums & bass

Hello Dave and thanks for doing this Q & A!

I'm a huge fan of Jane's Addiction album 'Ritual de lo habitual', a massive respect for producing this masterpiece!

I would like to know how the drums were tracked & mixed? Did you use samples together with 'live kit'?

And how about the bass? I know the bassline on 'Three Days' is a favourite for many. How was it captured?

Also, were samplers and/or synthesizers used on 'Rdlh'?

Mega thanks in advance!

Antti Uusimaki
Old 20th September 2015
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First, there was no synths on Ritual. I did use some drum samples on the kick and snare. The bass sound was key to this album because all the songs were written around the bass. I can't remember what the pre amp was on the bass however I got it from Dan Schwartz who was an audiophile friend of mine and it was amazing. Thanks Dan. Three Days is one of my favorite songs.
The recording was done in basically one take (with a few guitar overdubs) Recording that song is one of the best times I have had in the studio.
Old 21st September 2015
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Three Days in one take??? That's amazing! Thanks for sharing this! Epic song!
Old 21st September 2015
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Three Days is one of my favourite recordings of all time
Old 22nd September 2015
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Three Days is in the discussion for greatest rock record ever made. Check out the Live in Milan version on youtube. Just an astounding song.
Old 23rd September 2015
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I saw Jane's live about a year and a half ago, 4th time I've seen them.

Navarro's solo on Three Days was literally note perfect, and more importantly it *felt* perfect emotionally.
Blew my mind that he recreated it so perfectly after all that time.

That song is so seminal to me and so many others. A true classic, nice work Dave!!!
Old 23rd September 2015
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killer record with fantastic sounds. Nice work!

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