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Armored Saint - "Symbol of Salvation"
Old 16th September 2015
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Hi Dave, great to have you here for Q&A!

As a teenager in the early '90s I had a bunch of favourite albums and only years later I realized a good half of them were produced and/or mixed by you! Talk about a distinctive sound!

One of them is "Symbol of Salvation" by Armored Saint: I always loved how it sounds aggressive yet very dynamic and spacious.

How do you achieve such space in the middle while maintaining the guitars that crisp and forward?

Also, how was working with the band?

Thank you,

all the best!

Old 17th September 2015
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Armored Saint - guitars

Hi Dave,

Me Again! I was wondering about the recording of the guitars on the 'symbol of salvation' album. They sound huge while sounding natural...lots of bite without being harsh!

Q: Wondering if you could share what amps/ micing techniques on this? And does this change between rhythm and lead? How much do you find the bass can influence the perception of the guitar tone?

Sounds very similiar to what I can get in the room with my JCM800, but I find I'm having a hard time to truly capture the essence of it...the snarly-ness along with the bite.

Thank You!
Old 18th September 2015
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Thanks for asking about "Symbol of Salvation" That record was very fun to do. The amps I used were the bands and although they were Marshall amps you would have to ask the band about
the specific models as I have recorded to many bands since then to remember every detail (I am sure you can understand). I always pan guitars hard left and right to leave room in the center
for Bass , Lead vocals and Lead guitar. I do remember using my 1978 Marshall Super Lead for lead guitars ( as I do on most my recordings) My Super Lead was modified by Mike Moran and
has an extra pre amp stage and is switchable between 50 Watt and 100 Watt. John Bush and Gonzo were amazing on that record .

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