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Bush of Ghosts / Remain in Light
Old 11th September 2015
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Bush of Ghosts / Remain in Light

Dave -

I'm a big fan. My Life In The Bush of Ghosts and Remain In Light were hugely influential albums, and are still two of my all-time favorites.

- Can you shed any light on how the layering of found sounds and voices was accomplished on Bush of Ghosts, like on America is Waiting and Mea Culpa? Are we talking samplers, turntables, tape fly-ins, or what?

- Any info on how the Dunya Yasin vocals got into the track Regiment from Bush of Ghosts - like whether the track already existed and the vocals just dropped on top, or was the track built around those vocals? Also, how?!?! Sampler, turntables, tape, or what?

- I think I hear a lot of early harmonizer / delay effect trickery on both of these albums. Care to shed any light on what units were used, and how you exploited the quirks of them to get such interesting sounds?

- The sound collages, ambient guitar weirdness, and general sonics of these records were really groundbreaking - any other tidbits from your memory banks relating to Eno's approach, unusual studio techniques, or how these albums came together?

Old 15th September 2015
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Talking heads and Eno (Remain in light/My life in the bush of ghosts)

Hi Dave, thanks for doing this.

I'm a big fan of Byrne/Eno's My life in the bush of ghosts and Talking heads' Remain in light, two records you engineered.

Any insight or stories you could share on the recording process?
Old 17th September 2015
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My Life In The Bush of Ghosts sounds very "spooky" - did you ever give yourself the creeps working on it late at night?!
Old 18th September 2015
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I love working at night. There was no MIDI or samplers at that time ! All the sounds were made by scratch and put into hand made tape loops -recording many tracks on 24 track, bouncing to
two tracks and then transferring to two track and then making loops from the two track. ALL the vocals were flown in (no SMPTE ) from outside sources such as from the radio. Decisions were
made very quickly and if something did not immediately work the idea was dropped. For EFX all I had was a delay unit, Eventide H910 Harmonizer and a Lexicon 224reverb unit.(Plus a set of
Kepex gates and various compressors) The "magic" came from Eno and Byrne.
Old 23rd September 2015
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Mr Jerden, just want to say thanks for participating in the Q&A. This thread right here us why GS is so great, started by none other than Mr Charlie Clouser! Ridiculous!

Remain in Light is also one of my all time favorites.
Old 29th September 2015
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My Life in the Bush of Ghosts

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Old 29th September 2015
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I don't think any questions I could ask you would explain the greatness of these two records, but I wanted to chime in to say how grateful I am for them. Thanks for being there and making things right. Amazing records of an amazing artist.

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