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A big welcome to Mr. Dave Jerden! Q+A info/rules within!
Old 10th September 2015
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Lightbulb A big welcome to Mr. Dave Jerden! Q+A info/rules within!

Welcome Dave!

A selected discography is pinned to the top of this sub forum. There is a good bio on his Wikipedia page here -

You can post questions for Dave from today! All questions go into a moderation queue. If you are unfamiliar with how we conduct Q+As, here are the rules:

1) All questions will be moderated in advance... including followup questions/replies. Submit your question as a new thread and it will appear at some point if it's approved. If it's not approved it's either because we feel it's too far off topic or it may actually simply be a duplicate of another question that's also in the queue (although we will sometimes merge multiple questions into one thread if the overarching topic is the same).

Please don't bug us asking "where's my question!?!" - we'll get to everything eventually.

(Note too that questions are not always approved in the order they are received!)

2) Questions may be edited for clarity/brevity!

3) Please don't answer questions intended for Dave!

4) Dave will do his best to answer followup questions but please keep in mind he's a busy guy and may not get to everything.

Thanks for participating - please share this subforum across your social media and contact lists, the more people we get joining in the more fun & informative it is! Enjoy!

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