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Duo Glide recording?
Old 22nd March 2008
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Duo Glide recording?

It sounds very much like a band in a room with the pedal steel overdubbed. Can you explain how it was recorded...and what reverbs you used on "Here Is What Is"?


BTW, I continue to be impressed by the feel and sensitivity of your recordings. You are truly a great artist.
Old 23rd March 2008
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Duo Glide has a metronomic spine. It started as a beat box rhythm that I played drum on top of. I'm not the best drummer but I have a nice feel. The beat box and my drums were slowed down approx 4 semi-tones. The song was the built on top of the slowed down groove. If you watch the Duo Glide scene from the film Here Is What Is you will see the actual overdub take. Moral of the story, curious laboratory preperation with performance overdubbed on top. The recording was done by Adam. No reverbs were used, only slap echos.

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