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Differences and similarities between hip-hop and TV/film
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Differences and similarities between hip-hop and TV/film

Hey Che! Can you talk a bit about working in film/TV versus working on hip-hop albums? They seem like pretty different worlds, but I also know that Kanye, Dr. Dre, and Hans Zimmer all like to put together strong teams of creatives and mine the very best results. So in some ways I can see the similarities.

How would you compare the two worlds? Does experience with one inform the other?
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They are very different worlds. You are correct in terms of Kanye, Dre and Hans working with a lot of talented people as collaborators. All 3 believe very strongly in that collaboration. Film and Television are extremely different in the sense that you're working with a director as opposed to working with an artist on a track. iN tv and film you're trying to interpret an emotion or a feeling for a scene and use the music to help support or evoke that. With respect to an artist, they're trying to evoke their own emotion, so the process of achieving that is much different. With that said, the process of writing music doesn't change. We are still trying to create something that hasn't been created. Working in TV and Film and then returning to working with artists definitely made me a stronger music producer. It taught me a completely different approach to creating music in general.

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