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What was the worst thing that ever happened to you at work?
Old 18th June 2018
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What was the worst thing that ever happened to you at work?

Hi Che!

We all have struggles in a business like this. At risk of touching on something too personal - what was the lowest point in your career? What happened, and how did you turn that around?

I'd like to hear what keeps you going, and what motivated you to continue through difficult times.

Thank you so much, Che.
Old 25th June 2018
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We all have ups and down's... period. I've definitely had moments when I've had to find my creative inspiration, so I turned more to the executive side of things. I think I was creatively exhausted, and needed to find my way back. I don't really see it as a low, per se, but just needed to re-energize. I don't approach my career as highs and lows. I've heard this piece of advice from different people...but quincy jones said it best... "when you're high, don't get to high, and when you're low, don't get too low". I'm a glass half full type of dude. My family instilled that in me. When you have a bad time, you don't see it as a low. You ask yourself, "how can I handle this?". iT's all how you look at a situation that defines you and your successes and failures so to speak.

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