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The turning point of your career
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The turning point of your career

Hello Che ! Thank you very much for this Q&A.

I really dig the last video you made with UA & Ben Jaffe. I loved the sound of the album.

My question is : when did you truly realize you were playing in the big league?
Is this something you realize at the time? Or months, years later?

And what would be your advice to a young engineer who wants to make music for a living?

Thanks a lot for taking the time to answer.


Old 17th June 2018
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I realized right away when I signed to Teddy Riley because of who i was around on a daily basis

Advice to a young engineer β€”

hone your skills β€” the more music theory you know the better β€”

you have to be where the music is happening β€” LA β€” New York β€”β€” Atlanta etc to increase your opportunities

the main qualities we look for in an engineer is a professional β€” not someone to hang out and be a part of the crew

we look for great attitude and work ethic and professionalism β€” well organized
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Thanks a lot for your answer, Mr Che !

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