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How do you see the evolution of the Hip-hop sound and how do you feel about it?
Old 12th June 2018
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How do you see the evolution of the Hip-hop sound and how do you feel about it?

Hi! Thank you for doing this! Killer video with UAD and great work throughout your career!

I was wondering what was your take on the evolution of the Hip-Hop sound and production since you've been doing this and where it's going. It's one of the most evolving music genre, the sound the influence comes from everywhere and every decades of music and style.

What do you like about the evolution? Do you miss something these days? And where do you see it going in the future?

Thanks again!
Old 26th June 2018
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I actually think the evolution of hip hop was stagnant for a number of years. Due to the inexpensive nature of how trap music can be created, similar to the evolution of DJ and dance music....record companies could invest in this inexpensive production. Indy music, rock music, as well as more creative hip hop generally incurs more cost, so I think labels strayed away from this and chose the cheaper production value...they chose not to spend and save money. I think its changing currently. There are many great artists contributing to that change now with the reintroduction of live musicians and quality mixes. I think we are seeing the future now...with artists like brock hampton, xxxtentacion(RIP), where they were melding genres and expanding the musical palette in a way that is challenging to the status quo...

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