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List what hardware upgrades/ extras / "treats" you have bought your DAW over time
Old 2nd November 2002
List what hardware upgrades/ extras / "treats" you have bought your DAW over time

G4 500 chip for my Beige G3 300

MBox & laptop as secondary 'editing station'

Moved from Apogee to Prism converters

A Dangerous 2 Bus for summing

Masterlink for recording mixes without BTD and for ease of master / showreel storage & Red Book CDR creation

Fatso for 'rounder' guitar sounds

Cranesong Hedd for conversion / main D/A monitor

Hmmmmm, that's one pampered DAW rig!


Right now - I need another Mix farm (or two)
PT HD? (see how HD & PT 6 develops next year)
Faster backup - DDS4?
Bigger drives / firewire?

Old 2nd November 2002
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🎧 15 years
A hand rest. 2 20' montiors instead of the cinema. Hot swap AIT3 drive. Mezzo, the greatest back up software ever. Couple of lava LAMPS. A cup holder.
Old 2nd November 2002
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🎧 15 years
A HUI that fits in a customized Argosy console

A 2-ch Summit pultec eq

Two Distressors

A Fatso

An API 4-ch pre (w/mixer)

Two 9098 pre/eq's

An Avalon 737

A Manley 2-ch pre

A 2-ch TLAudio tube pre/eq

Lucid word clock generator/distro

A Lexicon PCM****

A Firewire drive (why did I spend that money on SCSI stuff!!!)

An optical mouse (NO MORE GUNK)

That's all I can think of right now.
Old 2nd November 2002
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🎧 15 years
posted by Jules:
G4 500 chip for my Beige G3 300
Jules, what kinds of benefits did you get from the processor upgrade?

I've been contemplating getting a 533 chip to replace the 350 in my box. Worth it?
Old 2nd November 2002
Make sure it has worked for someone else before you jump into it.

If so, sure,

Especially for you as a Beige G3 isn't qualified or really supposed to work reliably with the 001.

You would ideally be looking towards a new or second hand G4...

But a chip may help you.
Old 2nd November 2002
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🎧 15 years
Aardsync II

Lucid WC DA




DW Fearn VT1

Lots 'o tube gear (LA2A, CL1B, VARIMU, M149, L47MP, etc.)


But the one that makes the most difference... (Drumroll)

Trident 80B

Old 2nd November 2002
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🎧 15 years
Old 3rd November 2002
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🎧 15 years
G4 dual 800 waiting for PT 6.0 and OS X and dual processing and automatic plugin delay.

2 x MIDI I/O .... it's allready out of the box but not hooked up yet due to lack of time .... once the soft supports that new midi time tightening thing digi has been talking about they will be right in there.

16 fader ProControl which will become 24 once the new studio is built. not enough room to put in an extra 8 right now. (or maybe PC II by then ... )

Edit Pack .... digi's too expensive luxuary mac keyboard .... damn I love that thing .... but every time I look at it my wallet kicks me in the butt..... hey I'm a ProTools Slut ok ......

2 192 I/O's and 1 96 I/O .... I love the sound of the 192's.

8 removable 36 gig ultra wide drives ... I can connect 4 at the same time.

I only use 1 18 inch flat screen now. due to the surround setup center speaker I had to move the monitors apart too much and found it easier to use the mix / edit switches on the PC so I dumped one.

Plugins .... all the available HD's and waiting for the ones to be released.

backing up to DVD .... mac's internal superdrive ... works great. I have a second G4/733 with superdrive and sometimes that one writes the backups with unused drives connected to it.
Old 3rd November 2002
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🎧 15 years
What makes my DAW (PT Mix) hot-rodded beyond the factory shipped level?

- replaced 888|24 with Mytek 8X96's

- outboards: V-Mu, Massivo, Distressors, 1969 Merc. Ed., RNC's (yep, they're a treat!), TCM3000 (I want Altiverb and a KSP8)

- 20" big ass CRT monitor... except it's also 20" deep, so the work desk is out in the room more than I'd like

- machine room (bathroom!) holds all drives and computers in a 5'10" tall cabinet with foam lined front doors and fans top and bottom

- USB and video monitor extensions to machine room; sux for trying to use one monitor and keyboard for two computers though... you can't!

- Yamaha CD burner which can burn at 1x, which has been bulletproof (never made a CD that won't play in every CD player I could find), but not always at 2x and 4x... and 1x sounds better than 4x to my ears

FUTURE improvements:

Frankly, I'm more excited by what I can change in the construction of my studio than I am by adding treats to my DAW. I'd rather concentrate on improving the sonic design of the rooms I record and mix in so I can more effectively discern how all my tools are actually affecting the music. In my case, that means raising the ceiling in the control room and live room, and probably building a soffitted monitoring shell. But if all that was taken care of, the improvements would be......

- Probably PTHD. I just wish it wasn't almost necessary to have in the industry. It would be ok if there was no question about the mixbus vs. other platforms and ways of summing, but I don't think it's there yet.

- More outboard, forever

- Flat panel monitor!
Old 3rd November 2002
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🎧 15 years
2 x 18" LCD Screens, with two more in the store cupboard waiting for me to get m expansion chassis so I can put more video cards in the computer. Hmmm 4 x 18.2 Flatpanel screens.

(I need to buy old Graphics cards though to avoid PCI loading probs..)

Set of ATC SCM-50s so I could finally hear all those faults I keep sticking in my tracks!

Microsoft Intellimouse Exporer mouse. You owe it to yourself to check the puppy out (only if you are right handed though :-(.

5 buttons and a scroll wheel.

Mine's set up:-


Ctrl Click

Alt (aka Option) Click

Apple Click

Shift Click

Old 4th November 2002
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🎧 15 years
Fatso, Fatso and Fatso! grggt

Neve/Helios/Telefunken/API/Urei/U-A/SSL/Avalon/Focusrite :eek: /TC/Lexicon/Roland (RE-201! heh )/RCA/Royer/Beyer + stuff also help... heh heh heh grggt
Old 4th November 2002
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🎧 15 years
Added 512mb RAM (768 total)
Added a second HD (40 Gig 7200 RPM)
Bought the Marathon Rackmount hardware and mounted it in its own padded Anvil case
Tripplite rack power supply
Swapped out the stock ATI Rage Video card for an ATI Radeon 8500 Mac
Installed two Creamware Cards
Installed Digi 001 Card
Upgraded from Fostex digital mixer to Apogee Rosetta A/D
(Most important one) Bought a PURPLE faceplate for the Digi 001 to match the Apogee
Upgraded from Event emp-1 to Amek 9098 DMA for pre's
TC Electronic M-one for tracking (monitor) reverb
Bought Monster cable for all connections
Got a Logitech Marble Mouse USB instead of the standard Apple mouse
Got a new IBM keyboard with better keys (I like em to 'click' when you type...I can't stand "mushy" keys)
Got a NEC 17" LCD monitor
Upgraded to Jaguar OS 10.2
Bought Logic Platinum
Bought the EXS24, and ES2 instruments for Logic
Bought a Que USB CDRW drive (which annoyingly doesn't work under X)
Got a Lava lamp

Next purchases:
Powerlogix Dual Gig processor upgrade for Desktop G4
Powerlogix G4 500mhz upgrade for my Powerbook G3 (Lombard)
Expansion Bay HD for Powerboook
Max out the Ram (on both machines)
Better headphones
Either a Geffen or similar CAT5 extender to get the CPU out of the mixing room
New CD Burner
Possibly another monitor at some point
More Insurance heh
Old 13th November 2002
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🎧 15 years
hd1 then hd2 then hd3
new mac 800dp 1.5gig
new mac for soft samples and yamaha motif & logic editing
new pc amid athlon 1800 for gigastudio
avalon 737
dbx 160l
2 new 19inch monitors
new genelecs
new b&ws
loads of replaced plugs...
blue dragonfly limited edition...

pt6 when they have it together with the plugs
Old 13th November 2002
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🎧 15 years
I know this really isn't what you're asking Jules, but for my approach it's the only answer I can give.

As much DSP + as many plugs as I can get my grungy little hands on. And PRE.
Old 13th November 2002
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🎧 15 years
Can you get Lava lamp plug-in's?

Hmm ..bet they're VST only.
Old 18th November 2002
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🎧 15 years
I forgot. I can't work without a four button Kensington Turbo Mouse. And QuicKeys.
Old 19th November 2002
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🎧 15 years
"treats" you have bought your DAW over time
Two words: Storage Technology.


I bought a second Firewire drive, copied all of my PT files to it, and stored it in a bank vault in the heart of Philadelphia's financial district.

That's my idea of a "treat"...off-premise backup deluxe.

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