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Old 24th November 2002
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About L1 + (edit: and mastering my mix)

I have to do a quick "master" for a band to send off to a label tommorrow (just a demo for them to hear what we're up to) but i was wondering this about using L1 on the master fader.

If i have to do about 7 or 8 db of reduction, is it better to do 3db...bounce the song down. Bring it into another session, do another 3db, etc.

I just know that the more you limit, the harsher things get with L1 and i was wondering if anyone tried doing small limits little by little and seeing if this made any difference in the "harshness".

If this is a rediculous question, i'm sorry but i'm just trying to learn all about this digital world i live in.

Old 24th November 2002
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IMO, yer better off just clipping the signal if you must have 7-8 db GR without having an L2...

(FYI, I master demos for labels all the time and you don't have to make 'em that loud.)

And don't worry, clipping's how a few well-known ME's get level anyway...
Old 24th November 2002
Lay off it a little... 3db max will be fine - even that can make it sound like a leafblower.....
Old 24th November 2002
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Out of curiosity how did you come to this number that it suposedly should be at?
Old 25th November 2002

Ashley, there is no magical number, I cribbed that from Charles years ago, and I still find 3 db too much often..

Old 26th November 2002
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I agree with Brad, 7 to 8 dB would def be too much. I don't use L1+ on my master fader (cause I really try to stay away from any limiting on the mix bus), but I believe the max recommend by Waves is 6 dB. As Brad said the L2 could give you more (apparently up to about 12 dB), but the clipping idea sounds like it might give you more the sound you are looking for if it's Hip Hop.
Old 27th November 2002
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Thanks for the advice. I couldn't get my hands on an L2 in time so I'm probably just going to leave it "as-is".

Here's the song just in case you were curious:


The band is called "Paulson". I have to drop it off to be sent to the label tonight so if anyone comes up with any good "mastering" tips in the next few hours, please let me know.
Old 1st December 2002
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Yow! I wouldn't do more than -3 on an L1.

I just brought a project I did to a session with a hot local mastering guy, and using the hardware version of the L2 (the same as the software apparently) he was fine with it hitting -5 fairly often as long as it had fully released by the time it was into gain reduction again.

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