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Charles, Am I ready for the Big Time?
Old 19th May 2004
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Yes, maybe I did miss the point. I still think lyrically this song does not speak to me. (very personal opinion of course, don't want to offend anybody) I still think the production is great, melody is great. And like I said has the word HIT written all over the place. I wish Jer all the luck in the world with his project.
Old 20th May 2004
Here for the gear
🎧 15 years
Soundz great. I'm not on my studio monitors, I'm just listening on a G4 in my office and I'm still impressed. Very creative within a fairly saturated style. (hope that makes sense to you). It's funny to hear people mention drum. sounds and vocal volumes. There's a million ways to skin a cat and I'd say you did a great job with it. And what did you use to convert down to MP3? Most the MP3s I've heard on this G4 sound like ass . Yours sounded very respectable.
Old 20th May 2004
More cowbell!
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Originally posted by jazzius II
i put the vocals up a bit, and made the chorus a bit more rockin'.....distortion is our friend!
Whoa, Jazzi, did you do a quick masterjob on that? I just had a first listen to the original and was gonna comment that the vox was sitting ok, but got overwelmed in the chorus. I'm on supertiny comp speakers so am not sure, but it sounds repaired now. If so, nice one

Anyway, overall pretty tasty tune and great work on prod/mix! You are rdy for the bigtime, sure. As far as the band, I dunno, havent seen em live--makes a big diff.

If I were A&R on just this tune, I would say that the hook came a little late and didnt quite catch me. I would also say that it needs something quirky/hooky near the very beginning to grab me--just some kinda riff or sound. That is purely coming from a "teen" perspective, meaning I set my mind to have an attention span of about 15-20 seconds :-)

I have to review lots of people's stuff that way (publishing viewpoint), so I may not be a very fair opinion.

The players/vox sound super talented and the recording is top notch. I might look for a different song to be the main demo if you are shopping.
Old 20th May 2004
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🎧 15 years
btw jazzius did not only give the voice more credibility, but also made a lot of drum/rhythm detail come out.
IMO the chorus has somewhat too heavy distortion and transients a little bit smashed. this is due to the loudness war - when meters are already hitting the red, you can still distort deliberately to make it seem "more".
(For the transients I'm working on kinda repair algorithm, to some material it seems already a little bit successful.)
Old 28th May 2004
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🎧 15 years

This is quickly becoming one of my favs in rotation on my playlist ;o)...great job brotha..

Im tryin to get more into that synth stuff you're doin a lot throughout the songs, wondering if you could touch on what you were usin to get those sounds...

thanks ;o)

Old 29th May 2004
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🎧 15 years
nothin revolutionary.

FM7 and Atmosphere and my Triton.

Thanks for the props!


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