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Analog Channel Presets
Old 6th May 2004
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Question Analog Channel Presets

Hope Charles and the gang can help out here......

I remember reading somewhere that the AC1 'console' presets refer to specific real-world desks...I think SSL and Neve were in there?.....

Anyway, I can't find any definitive info on this and there is nothing in the manual about this, so I was wondering if anyone has clues to which presets are models of exactly which consoles.

Also, any help with AC2 would be much appreciated too.


Old 7th May 2004
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From what I heard or read on the 'DUC',
Console 1 seems to be an emulation of an SSL buscompressor.
Console 2 seems to be an emulation of a Neve buscompressor.
But don't ask me about console 3?
Maybe an emulation of one of the Behringer Eurodesks?heh
Old 7th May 2004
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Originally posted by DClarkson2004
...emulation of an SSL/Neve buscompressor.

I've seen this implied elsewhere, but never exactly stated outright. This is a misconception held by many about this plug-in, probably mainly because AC1 has parameters labeled as Comp, Attack and Release.

AC1 is not a compressor at all. It is an emulation of Analog Console saturation.

I don't have PT open right now so I can't answer exactly the Console 1, 2, 3 question, but yes two are emulations of SSL + Neve. The third is a hybrid of the two. I'll answer with more specifics once I'm in front of PT.

Hope this helps.
Old 7th May 2004
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Could you check out the other presets too!!!

Cheers D & Charles.

Charles, please could you also take a look at the other presets for AC1 and explain what they are trying to emulate?

Many thanks,

Old 11th May 2004
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Talking AC1 Presets

Old 11th May 2004
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when that plugin first came out, I emailed the folks at McDsp asking this exact question and they replied...

console 1: Neve 1084
Console 2: Neve 1272
Console 3: SSL 4000

Hope this helps!!!
Old 11th May 2004
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Coolio! Cheers,


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