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Track Panning/mixing BGVs
Old 13th November 2002
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Track Panning/mixing BGVs

What are peoples thoughts on panning different percentages from hard left to hard right and processing vocal stacks?

for example: you have stacked BGVs (depending on what the song needs), maybe 8 of them, 2 parts (a stack of 4 for each part). If you're goal is to have a wide airy would you go about panning them, from a starting point.
I typically try to pan them to different areas...for instance maybe
part 1 - track 1 Left 100%
part 1 - track 2 Right 100%
part 1 - track 3 Left 50%
part 1 - track 4 Right 50%
part 2 - track 5 Left 80%
part 2 - track 6 Right 80%
part 2 - track 7 Left 30%
part 2 - track 8 Right 30%
(something up the middle optional)

How often does panning at different percentages effect the mix if someone were to listen to it in mono?
Is this an issue most mixers are considering?

What are people doing as far as processing on these? Are you putting them through an aux bus? Are you using delays? reverbs? Pitch changers? wideners?
Old 13th November 2002
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Sometimes I do the hard left + right for all parts of the BG's and sometimes I "fan" them out more. I find that if I go narrower than about +/– 50 that it begins to crowd the lead vocal.

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