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Settings in the HDL sessions?
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Settings in the HDL sessions?

The settings for for the waves plugins plugins don't seem to "make it" on the session download. I copied them from the pics for the guitar bass session, but have no reference for the drums session. Any idea how I can get hold of them?

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Sorry for taking so long to respond. Two suggestions: open the session and go online and login to DigiStudio. Now, once your "hooked up" try un-inserting one of the plugs missing the parameters. DigiStudio should now have a down flashing arrow in that track meaning that something is different in the track compared to the online session. Click on the down arrow and it should update your session with the plug again. This time it may have the correct settings. This happened to me once and that was how I fixed it.

Second suggestion: if that doesn't work contact the DigiStudio Administrator [email protected] he can help with any tech support questions.

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