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Tweaking buffer size? Alocating more memory?
Old 2nd November 2002
Tweaking buffer size? Alocating more memory?

I get confused with all these on PT.

Anyone else?

What do you have to fiddle with? (other DAW folks)
Old 2nd November 2002
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On native systems, the hardware buffer sizes tend to correlate with input latency and processor headroom when adding on plug-ins. At least this was what I experienced when I was using a MOTU rig (DP3 & various MOTU interfaces, but PCI & Firewire). For tracking, I'd try to keep the buffers as low as 256 samples. DP would usually allow this...When it would come to mix time, I'd up the buffers to 1024 or 2048 to give myself more headroom. This also increased the time it would take an aux send to get to my Powercore card (think of it as built-in pre-delay) which was a PITA.

Now that I'm using Logic with an RME setup on the same computer, I can leave the buffers at 128 samples all the time. This means I can track while monitoring through Logic (monitoring effects on inputs!), and when I'm mixing, I create one extra Aux bus with a sample delay of 128 on it to bus stuff through that isn't going to the Powercore.

Not sure what they do in PT, though, sorry...


Old 2nd November 2002


Old 2nd November 2002
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Hi Jules,

the buffer is kind of a cache where PT puts the data in before writing to disk. Usually the standard settings works pretty good and doesn`t need to be changed. ( at least I don`t know anyone who did ).

What memory allocation do you mean - to the DAE or to the ProTools program ?

This is the RAM Mac OS reserves for the application. Select the DAE in the finder, press apple key + i, then choose memory`. Now you can set the preferred size and the maximim size of memory allocated, which should be set to the same numbers - same thing for the ProTools app. The total size you can allocate to the DAE and PT depends on what other app`s you got running together with protools. Also keep enough free memory for any soft samplers.
When running protools, switch to the finder, select my computer from the apple menu, and check how much memory is used, and how much there is still available - allocate as much memory as possible to the DAE and PT.

For me it worked best when DAE got 2/3 of the RAM available and PT the other 1/3.

Hoped this helped, if not feel free to contact me.
Old 4th November 2002
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I find these a bit confusing as well. Since I changed to HD I'm having huge delays waiting for record to start when I'm tracking 20 or 30 tracks at a time, about 10 seconds or so, almost feels like being back on Adats waiting for them to sync. How many times have all of you turned to clients to apologize when Adats didn't sink the first time?!? It's not a problem at all with playing back many tracks.

I think another very grey area for a lot of folks are Scsi card settings. You'd think that something as crucial (and seemingly counter intuitive) as the settings for the only card approved by digi at any given point in time would warrant a screenshot of the suggested settings in the freakin manual! When I switched to Atto to comply with MOA it was a fine fellow at Magma who sorted it out for me, not digi.

Charles (or anyone else) care to share some wisdom on keeping these settings happy and our rigs quick on their toes. I think this is a great nuts & bolts topic. TIA

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