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Let's get to the plugins.
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"I'm curious of other proponents of Analog Channel are doing the same thing, perhaps for the same reasons?"

I've not tried Andy Zulla's technique, but I will have to. My approach is to use one on my main master out fader. My reasons are very similar. It sounds more analog.

To everyone,

Andy's article had lot's of great tips + advice. I highly recommend it. And the Pro Techniques column in general is fantastic. I have learned a lot by reading it in the last eight months. If you're into PT and have not read it—you should. You can read all of its previous articles here.

BTW, the article refers to AC2, but I beleive that's a typo. As far as I can tell they really meant to say AC1.
Old 12th November 2002
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favorite plugin combinations (snr,kick,vocal etc)

Ok folks lets get down to your favorite "starter" plugin combo for most instruments/groups

It seems like Charles likes the following for most things with maybe a filterbank Lpf before the compressor
1 AC1 or DAD Valve
2 RenComp
3 RenEQ
4 DAD tape

For me its Kick/Snr
1Compressor Bank CB1 (DBX like attack when set right for crack on kik n snr)
2 FilterBank P4
3 BF Pultec

BG vocals
1 LA2A (BF) or Compressor Bank
2 Ren EQ
3 Meequalizer

Lead Vocals n Ad Libs
1 BF Fairchild
2 FilterBank E6

I have to get into the Warming plugs (TaPe/Valve, Analog channel) I've played with demo's but didnt hear enough there to buy but it seems like they have a cumulative effect so I will be getting into them. Also,
I've always gotten quicker results using MCDSP over waves. I have to give them some more attention and see what happens

What are the combinations you seem to use most???? and Why?? What does each achieve??
Old 13th November 2002
For EQ

The Sony, The Sony and nothing but the Sony.

Un bogus top end boost - GML option most times.

Way better than Ren eq, Filterbank or the BF Pultec

For compression:

BF 1176
Mc DSP Compressor Bank
(in that order)
Old 13th November 2002
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Originally posted by Jules
For EQ

The Sony, The Sony and nothing but the Sony.

Un bogus top end boost - GML option most times.

Way better than Ren eq, Filterbank or the BF Pultec
Yeah, what the doctor ordered !

For compression, mostly analog gear on inserts. heh

Then maybe some BF 1176 and CBank. Might well get replaced with Sony comp soon! I'm also curious about the coming UA comp plugs...
Old 13th November 2002
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Sony here too. EQ (GML) and Dynamics. Both favourites.

I liked the sound of some of the BF plug's, particularly the 1176 and the Pultec but demo is long gone now as is the Waves demo, which I ran out of time to even hear at all!

McDSP F1, 2 and 3 also very handy.

I'm also very keen to hear the new UA plug's too, rumour has it they are excellent.

For compression, before I used the Sony Dynamics, I opted for the McDSP Compbank. It's OK. Or I'd go A/D-D/A- ing with hardware.

Mixing in some DaD Tape to taste these days!
Old 13th November 2002
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The BF 1176 got me out of a jam this week.

I had a tricky vocal track that needed some fine tweaking, and the 1176 came through nicely.

The vocalist in question is really picky about her sound, but she was very pleased with the 1176 treatment.

There's something about the sound of those BF compressors, the LA2A and the 1176. Either my ears are decieving me, or they sound almost better than the hardware versions. The response times seem smoother than their analog counterparts. They seem to "hug the curves" very sweetly. Perhaps - I dunno for sure - but perhaps it's the 32-bit floating point math in the PowerMac processor that lets those plugs "sing" in 001 world.

I can only imagine what they'll sound like in HD, in 48-bit.

Are the BF vintage plugs available for HD yet?
Old 13th November 2002
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Joining this thread kind of late...

Originally posted by jivebrown
...and i need to warm things up a bit. basically i am trying to get some sort of saturation happening. i cant seem to get the snare to thwack the way i would like it. overall i just want to add some "stink " to the tracks. and i mean the GOOD kind of stink. rollz
Try the BF Fairchild. I used it on a live mix the other day and it really made it come alive, in a funky sort of way!

It's pretty much the only plug-in where I feel like I'm not giving a little something up when I use it. I need to try the Sony, McDSP, and UA stuff, but availability is spotty for LE.

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