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Top 3 mixing tips to achieve the same soundstage ItB as a console?
Old 1st May 2019
Top 3 mixing tips to achieve the same soundstage ItB as a console?

I’ve watched almost all your videos online and really appreciate how open you are with your craft. However I was wondering if you might offer what you think your top three tips to achieve the same soundstage in the box as you used to with outboard and Large Format Consoles? I think the community would love to hear your MOST important rules for achieving such unreal wideness. Thanks!
Old 3rd May 2019
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Hmmm, well first of all I think I need to re-frame the question. I really don't think there is a difference in the inherent soundstage no matter what you are mixing on. There are plenty of things I can think of from when I mixed on a console that made things more difficult for me. One of the things that was a revelation when I moved into the box was how much easier it was to place things in the stereo field and really have them stay there. As always, whatever sounds better to you is better, but for me I don't think using analog gear gives you any advantage on the size of your mix.

But to address what I do to try and make mixes big and wide, the first thing is the most obvious. Panning. When I was on the console I basically used LCR panning 90% of the time because of how the panning worked on my Neve. Now that I'm in the box I pan all over the place. I really find that I can find room for things just by picking a spot in the stereo field. I also use stereo widening tools all the time. I have a stereo widener on the mix buss itself, as well as loving plugins like S1, Stageone, and Ozone Imager for taking individual elements and putting them slightly outside the speakers.

Another key element to increasing the size of the mix is not to focus only on width, but depth as well. In other threads I've talked about using reverb and delays to push thing forwards and backwards. This will make room for things as well as making the mix sound much bigger.

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