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Bit rate on your mix session
Old 29th April 2019
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Bit rate on your mix session

Hi Andrew,

Could you tell me about the bit rate you're currently using on your mix sessions? 32bit or 24? Can you elaborate why you prefer one or another?

Old 8th May 2019
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I mix the session at whatever sample rate it comes to me and print the mixes right back into the session. I feel like the sonic hit of mixing at a lower sample rate is nothing compared to doing sample rate conversion on every bit of audio in the session. I also don't have a workflow where I am printing to a second computer. I will always print 24 bit, and some times I print the Main Mixes 32 bit because there are a couple of mastering engineers I work with who ask for it.

One thing I've started doing in the last few years is never sending out mixes for clients to check as mp3s. I always send 44.1/16 bit. This can be tricky if you think they might steal and use the mixes without paying, but from a sonic point of view it just takes away the possibility of something being transcoded (converted from one lossy format to another ) when they listen. This can happen if you send a lossy format reference file and they listen to it in a browser window (like from a Dropbox link).

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