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Mixing strings in a pop/rock mix
Old 24th April 2019
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Mixing strings in a pop/rock mix

Hey Andrew,

Noticed your Wikipedia lists you as mixing Nicole Atkins' "Neptune City" which has a great sound; not sure how much of it you did but generally more curious on your philosophy for mixing strings into more dense pop/rock mixes. If you add reverb/delays, EQ heavily to get them to pop out, enhance the stereo spread, etc.

Honestly just looking for some advice on the subject as I'm looking to track and mix a small string ensemble for an upcoming project!
Old 26th April 2019
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The key to getting anything to pop out in a dense mix is actually to make it small so it doesn't take up too much room. I talked about this in the context of background vocals but it definitely goes for strings too. The first impulse is to try and make the strings sound great, but that usually means they will take up a ton of room in a mix, and if the mix is dense a lot of that "great" sound will be covered up by other things and the strings will sound bad in context. I will very often filter and distort the strings a bit. Focusing on the midrange will help you find a spot for them. Reverbs can also help move them "back" in the mix.

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