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Old 23rd April 2019
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Hi Andrew, do you ever do rearrangements of the tracks during mixing (e.g., dropping parts of the tracks, moving bg vocals around, etc.) and if yes, how much change do you allow yourself to do?
Old 23rd April 2019
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I generally try to just mix what's there. I feel like that's the job, and the artist and producer (if there is one) has signed off on the arrangement before sending it to be mixed. It is also a very different head space for me to be assessing the arrangement as opposed to mixing.

That said there are plenty of times when I will hear something in a different way, either by muting or adding parts. Unless I get to the point where I'm convinced my changes will make a huge impact I will tend to ignore the impulse to change things like that. If I do decide I should do it, I will always let the artist know what I've done and why I've done it.

Quick (probably obvious) tip. There is a huge difference between saying to the artist "your song sucked until I did blah blah" and "your song was so amazing that it inspired me and I couldn't help thinking it would be even better if did blah blah". Exactly the same information, but conveyed in completely different ways. One of these is likely to get your idea vetoed, one isn't...

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