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Mixbuss approach and tonal balance
Old 22nd April 2019
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Mixbuss approach and tonal balance

Hi Andrew,

Great that we can ask some questions!

I work with clients who have most of the time musical references (like a song or record) which the artist wants a bit to sound like.

So the question I am having, how would you deal with these kind of workflows?

Would you study the references and interpret them?

But maybe even more important: even if there are none of these musical references: how do you take care of the "global" amount of highs / lows and so on your mix?
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References can be really difficult. The first problem is that usually the music you're mixing is different to the music that's in the reference, and also it's hard to know exactly what they want you emulate in the reference. Is it the vocal effects, the roominess of the drums, the aggressiveness of the guitars? Usually they don't even know for sure, they just like it.

As far as tonal balance, I've just gotten used to how much top and bottom I like and usually end up in the same sort of place. As i mentioned in another thread though, there are times when I'll roll all of the top off of a mix because it feels better to me that way. An easy way to get in the ballpark is to have a broad eq (I use a pultec style one) on your mix buss. That keeps you from having to add the same thing to all of the individual channels and gives your mix a head start sonically.

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