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Hozier - Guitars and Vocals
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Hozier - Guitars and Vocals

Hey Andrew,

I've been really digging the new Hozier album! Fantastic job...There's a few things that stand out as being part of his sound. One being the saturated/distorted vocal. The s's are always super under control. Is that distortion your doing, and if so, what are you using for that? The other is the guitar sound and the reverbs. It sounds like the reverbs are panned away from the guitar to the opposite side. They are perfectly timed with the music too. How creative are you getting with those reverbs and does it arrive like that? Any insight into your choices for those awesome guitar sounds/vocals would be awesome!

Thank you!!
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Thanks for the kind words!

Andrew is a really special singer and guitar player, and to be honest a lot of his sound comes from him. As far as specific reverbs go, a lot of them are in the recordings but some times I will add to of enhance what's there. He works really hard to get things the way he wants them as he goes, and that goes for his vocals as well as the guitars. Most of the reverbs he uses are dense and dark so I will usually add brighter but more subtle reverbs and delays to try and create space.

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