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Must haves in a good recording studio
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Must haves in a good recording studio

Hi Andrew,
I love your work and thank you so much for doing this!

What do you think are the most important elements of a good recording studio besides great acoustics? Also would you use for recording some random weird diy gear that you see for the first time or you would rather use the well known standard stuff (like la2a or STA-level for vocal tracking, etc..)?

Thank you very much for the answer and I wish you all the best,

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I think that most of the things a recording studio should have are pretty obvious. As you say, it starts with the acoustics of the recording room, then goes to the microphones and preamps. I think the next most important thing would be the audio interface (assuming you're recording to a computer). It's great to treat all your recordings in the analog domain on the way in, but I think money is better spent on decent converters than compromising on the audio interface to buy compressors or other gear.

One thing that I would put very high up the list is a decent headphone system. Too often I'm recording at a studio with good gear in a good room, but the band can't really hear what's going on because of a cheap headphone system that sounds terrible. This will kill creativity and basically make the session a lot less enjoyable for the musicians.

As far as experimentation goes, I'm actually pretty traditional and safe for the most part. I love to get recommendations from people who work at the studio for things I might not have tried, but left to my own devices I would be very happy to record using mics, preamps and compressors that I've used before. It acts as a safety blanket, but for me it also gives me a known benchmark so I know immediately if something isn't working properly or might not be the best choice in a particular situation. If I don't know what something is supposed to sound like then it's hard to know if it's broken.

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