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later daze
Old 1st October 2002
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later daze

well, it has been fun getting to moderate a forum, im suprised someone actually had the balls to let me in the first place. there was really some strange cosmic shift this month... i had just about everything break on me, and at one time here i couldnt post more than a few words at a time on any topic. BUT i figured it out in the end [some weird dsl router setting]. i just did a clean install of windows last night. this machine was on the fritz... wasnt as bad as i thought it would of been, but no where as easy as a mac. im still working on this machine getting all the apps put back on and files allocated [massive clean up that i havent done in years]

i guess you could tell there wasnt much gear slutting on my forum. but i was a true gear slut during this tenure. i picked up a Moog parametricEQ that i have been wanting for a while, some Sytek pres [4 channels], a top secret 2 channel pre to be named later, new drum pedal and hihat stand [backline ya know... plus i broke my last pedal finally]... went with the strap iron cobra, i kinda dig it. what else did i buy? santa wears a brown suit and drives a brown van. i also got [like everyone else] the wendy carlos plate on altiverb [gotta love free samples], and the space phone, and something else... such a cool ass plugin.

the decision has been made to sell the house here. we are thinking about moving to either LA or SF, im tired of the east coast and need the ocean to be nearby. where we live now, the outside world almost doesnt exist. aside from the switch from semi-automatic fire in my backyard to automatic fire... you would never know that 9/11 [last year] even happened if i didnt have a TV.

in a way it kinda sucks because i was so close to finishing my studio, yet way too many flaws in the design [biggest being location]... sure its a great view and bands love to record here, life i find cannot coexist with a studio. more power to those who it works for. i do like the commute.

september 2002 was the most life changing month to date in my trip. i do not wish for another one of these months. and i hardly scraped the surface of what i wanted to talk about, my mind was too consumed with other things.

thanks for letting me babble about the philisophical side of recording.

now back to your regularly scheduled program.
Old 1st October 2002
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It was a blast reading and responding to your posts. Thanks!

Good luck to you and yours!!

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