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aussie_techie 5th September 2006
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onion 4th September 2006
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Hi, Just to let you all know we have released our latest packs: Dance Mayhem Demo Super Dance Demo Scratch...

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13030 4th September 2006
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Hi, We have released a maintenance update for Compadre Beatpuncher. All registered users will receive a mail with a download...

Rune L-H
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TBlizz 31st August 2006
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Here are some links for it;...

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jdjustice 30th August 2006
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Hi! Those of you who know me are probably aware that I've been involved* in this project for a great deal of time now so I'm...

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~ufo~ 27th August 2006
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Hi all, You can get all your brass parts recorded for your tracks here, (or even written specially for your tracks and then...

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petermedland 26th August 2006
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Hi GS, Just released our latest prouct entitled Layered Drums. This is a mega pack of 560 layered samples: 180...

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13030 26th August 2006
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Apogee Electronics reveals today that it has installed a premier solar panel system using 96 energy-generating panels at their...

The Press Desk
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AnalogBob 23rd August 2006
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Not really a "new" product, but I just discovered it and it's...

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murp 23rd August 2006
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This reminds me of when I saw army recruiters driving a luxury hummer. By using a radical implementation of MS sum +...

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structuredloud 22nd August 2006
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I just got this 'preamp' in yesterday, and tonight was the first time I really got to use it in the studio! This thing is...

SMC Productions
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musicsound-2 21st August 2006
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(scroll down) nice... the TV and the speakers. I guess we'll see computer monitors soon.

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nukmusic 21st August 2006
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uptheoctave 20th August 2006
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I don't know if this has been posted before but. The future of music: The 'Tenori-On'.. check it out:...

3rd Floor
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Mick Emouze 19th August 2006
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New Broadband Bass Traps from Ready Acoustics Elk River, MN - August 3, 2006 – Reducing the echo of uneven modal...

Ready Acoustics
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peeder 15th August 2006
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Is the mixing in this box? jummpp

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Jules 14th August 2006
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AdamJay 6th August 2006
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Crandall1 30th July 2006
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strauss 29th July 2006
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There's a pic on the Vintage King site, looks cool. From the description it doesn't appear to be a tube unit, or passive. I...

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mojava 28th July 2006
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Hi fellas! Today someone introduce to me these NEW BRAND of SPEAKERS and he told me that they are very very nice and amazingly...

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Solar 28th July 2006
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This is an interesting concept. It would seem possible to me that they could hire this thing out if the record time was longer...

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Curtis Franklin 25th July 2006
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ATR Summer Seminar on August 25th, 2006 Learn to calibrate your tape machine like a pro! ATR's next analog tape machine...

The Press Desk
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The Press Desk 19th July 2006
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The ususal funny lookin' geetars, loads of pedals and those girls you only see in short skirts at trade shows. Thanks to...

max cooper
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ddageek 16th July 2006
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Andrew Duke's Chain Reaction: Sonic Atmospheres 1--a samplepack featuring 606 exclusive royalty-free FX as 24bit 48kHz WAV and...

Andrew Duke
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Andrew Duke 12th July 2006
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Hello, I would like to personally introduce to you a brand-new site called Gig-Guru. In effort to help bands find Gig's...

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Gig-Guru 10th July 2006
Avatar for max cooper

Weirdly, my dad sent me this link. Anyone heard of these?

max cooper
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~ufo~ 7th July 2006
Avatar for Jules

Interesting... what would you use that for? Any ideas?

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jbuntz 6th July 2006
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BRING THE POWER OF REAL STRINGS TO YOUR TRACKS String arranger Pete Whitfield brings the power of real strings to any project....

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Solar 3rd July 2006
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Found this: Don't know if it's old news!? cellfone

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joaquin 2nd July 2006
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Refined Audiometrics Labs has just released a new free plugin to use when mixing in cans or just for enhanced listening pleasure....

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Solar 2nd July 2006
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Anyone got it yet? anyone hear about the other one coming out?jummpp

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Lou Judson 2nd July 2006
Avatar for The Press Desk

VirtuosoWorks Launches Composition Contest Enter your composition in the NOTION Realize Music Challenge for a chance to record...

The Press Desk
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The Press Desk 30th June 2006
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ENG After our enthusiastically received Ableton Live workshop with Kid Beyond we're happy to continue our workshop series in...

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andrewj 28th June 2006
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not sure if this was mentioned yet, but theRecording The Beatles book is due out in a few months...looks pretty cool.

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hawaii82 28th June 2006
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His most focused work in years!!! Rock on MF's next time jfg

spectacular g
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Curtis Franklin 27th June 2006
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This should be the new digital desk from SSL, a prototype installed at Peter Gibriel personal studio... I was give this pic by a...

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Avatar for The MPCist
The MPCist 24th June 2006
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Atlanta Society of Audio Professionals (A.S.A.P) will be hosting an evening of audio discussion with analog audio guru Ted...

Paul Robison
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pigpen 20th June 2006
Avatar for The Press Desk

Build Your Own Neve Console! The Neve 88 hundred range provides all the facilities of a Neve console in a modular form. All...

The Press Desk
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djui5 16th June 2006
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harmony central is sucking big time lately. most of their "news" is irrelevant bull**** at best, with some real...

ted demen
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Lindell 15th June 2006
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This Saturday the 17th at Digital Audio Service Hamburg we are happy to present a Syntheziser special featuring Live acts by...

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D.A.S. 15th June 2006
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We have a new movie about to be released with Disco D (ya know? Gringo Louco). We've got you covered- Production + Biz= Hustle...

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Jonas 14th June 2006
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Hi Slutz, Newbie, but please dont confuse for spam... I thought i would post a link here to a pretty cool site where you can...

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pseudojazzer 13th June 2006
Avatar for Jonny Mumra

Best EQ plugin ever, for a limited time its free. Kid you not its the ****. 3 band though freebie. 10 band is...

Jonny Mumra
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Avatar for TheSweetener
TheSweetener 11th June 2006
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Sorry, just screwin' around. The names of some of the new companies and products are just getting pompously out of hand, IMHO, so...

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Killahurts 11th June 2006
Avatar for Feelingsat24khz

Promising new metamaterial could transform ultrasound imaging By Liese Greensfelder, Media Relations | 31 May...

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FilmDingo 10th June 2006
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Peter Reardon and Thomas Barefoot invite you to come and listen to their newest creations: Shadow Hill's long anticipated...

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Avatar for drew
drew 8th June 2006
Avatar for Oldone

Interesting move on Rodes part. Røde Microphones Buys Event Electronics Torrance, CA/Carpinteria, CA (June 2,...

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Avatar for Brian Brock
Brian Brock 8th June 2006
Avatar for Ethan Winer

Folks, I just completed this video and posted it on my company's web site. You'll find it first in the list...

Ethan Winer
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Avatar for KingUgly
KingUgly 1st June 2006