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V-Clip, the long awaited commercial sequel to the highly regarded Free Clip, is finally here! V-clip is a high quality...

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GBP 1 hour ago
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A 3-in-1 combo virtual pedal, giving you breathtaking bucket-brigade analog delay, three lush plate reverbs and a true tube...

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GusGranite 1 hour ago
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OUT NOW: Save 50% on our brand new TAIPEI STUDIO TAPE RECORDER. TAIPEI STUDIO TAPE RECORDER is the start of our journey to...

London Acoustics
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London Acoustics 2 hours ago
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BELGIUM, February 10th, 2021. Leapwing is proud to announce their first signature plugin, developed with none other than...

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dasoundjunkie 3 hours ago
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We're excited to announce that the VSX 2.0 software update is now available! This FREE update gives you over $30,000 of new...

Steven Slate
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Antagonist 4 hours ago
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Vertigo Sound 5 hours ago
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Greetings & Salutations to all,:cowbell: We listened to what people were requesting and as a few people might of seen from...

Vertigo Sound
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Vertigo Sound 5 hours ago
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Greetings and salutations to all!!! Available...

Vertigo Sound
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Vertigo Sound 5 hours ago
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Kirchhoff-EQ is an ultimate 32-band parametric EQ plugin built for all critical professional applications. It has refined sound...

TBTech Co. Ltd.
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PeterPetz 10 hours ago
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PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC: independent development teams federation United Plugins is proud to announce availability of founding...

The Press Desk
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sergenas 10 hours ago
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Virgo Super Clean Guitar Amplifier is ready for download! Introductory price is €57.85 (35%OFF). All links at:...

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gearsluf 10 hours ago
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LiquidSonics Announce Cinematic Rooms - Powerful Atmos Compatible Reverb June 1st 2020, LiquidSonics, London, UK - the...

The Press Desk
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vitocorleone123 12 hours ago
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What is Mixup? Remote audio collaboration tools have evolved quite a bit over the past year. aims at...

The Press Desk
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Hey Everyone!! Eddie here! Kiive Audio has just released two new plugins!! I'm so stoked on these and hope you guys like...

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Kiiveaudio 14 hours ago
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Newfangled Audio is proud to announce Pendulate's big brother, Generate. Generate takes Pendulate's chaotic architecture and...

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jekora 14 hours ago
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PSP Audioware introduces Twin-L dual algorithm classic limiter We are proud to introduce our new dynamic processor plug-in:...

The Press Desk
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assessor 22 hours ago
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Plugin Alliance launches Lindell Audio 50 Series with Brainworx-licensed TMT to transform DAWs into an analog mixing...

The Press Desk
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guavadude 1 day ago
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October 16, 2020: Voxengo is very happy to release TEOTE, an automatic spectral balancer plugin for professional music production...

Voxengo Aleksey
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djej 1 day ago
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Sonnox Claro EQ EQ, in tune with your needs About Claro We're proud to announce the latest addition to our Toolbox...

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jsblack 1 day ago
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dSONIQ introduces a big update of supported HP models list for Realphones - software solution for mixing with headphones....

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dSONIQ 1 day ago
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The Ensoniq PARIS system now has a 64 bit ASIO driver! The PARIS ASIO driver allows the use your classic PARIS hardware with...

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Will The Weirdo 1 day ago
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Cream. Dream On. A dreamware approach to console modelling! Product: Cream Developer: Acustica Audio Price (MSRP):...

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Jrel 1 day ago
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Hey all! Jon here from GPU Audio - we just dropped an Early-Access plugin and Community (DISCORD) and would love for you to try...

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Fleer 1 day ago
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iFi’s new SilentPower range tackles mains-related noise to improve audio/AV system performance. Southport, England –...

The Press Desk
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iFi audio 1 day ago
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New boutique pedals with matching AmpliTube software offer unrivaled tone and flexibility for stage and studio July 15,...

The Press Desk
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goony 1 day ago
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If anyone at NAMM gets time to have a look at this, please report back! soothe2...

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ziggysane 1 day ago
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Your sample collection is a creative treasure, but only if you can find the right sample when you need it... COSMOS Sample...

The Press Desk
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Sascha Franck 1 day ago
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Hungary hasn't had a studio outboard manufacturing company since the last days of BEAG which was in the early 90’s. However,...

The Press Desk
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ampar 1 day ago
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Looks like it is finally here. Simpler, faster (0.5% cpu?), DSP (7 instances on a single chip!), fantastic...

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astrocreeper 1 day ago
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Hi there, we’ve just released ToooL (Mobile App). We strongly believe that we’ve come up with something really new in...

ToooL App
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Stefan502 1 day ago
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New UC1 controller combines classic console ergonomics with the power of SSL Native Channel Strip 2 and Bus Compressor 2...

The Press Desk
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Calagan 1 day ago
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It's here, pretty much like we asked for, I think:

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cl516 2 days ago
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1ztFlnEC-zg TL;DW: Console7 is the best Console yet, with anti-alias filtering and special saturation...

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chrisj 2 days ago
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TubeMU is a vintage compressor that emulates the density and the RMS generated in this type of apparatus equipped with valves...

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bmanic 2 days ago
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Softube releases Tube-Tech Mk II Collections With new sound, new features, and totally fresh new hi-res graphics, Softube’s...

The Press Desk
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Jeezo 2 days ago
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Introducing: Modula Lite - A $99 Virtual Rack System for your Acustica Audio Plugins Modula Lite is a game-changing...

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BigSmo 2 days ago
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Still more great stuff from Antelope. Unbelievable array of i/o and DSP capabilities!! Goliath Thunderbolt, USB & MADI...

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illsoulprod 2 days ago
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Hi guys, Cranborne Audio is our new brand that I started some of the other great guys I worked with at Soundcraft. We believe...

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Freeloader 2 days ago
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IK Multimedia unveils iLoud MTM reference monitor Compact monitor with high-end design re-invents nearfield monitoring...

The Press Desk
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daslicht 2 days ago
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I am happy to announce the SP950 effect plugin, tackling the challenge of recreating the mystical sound of the E-mu SP1200,...

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dubguy99 2 days ago
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Antelope Audio announces Zen Go Synergy Core as its first bus-powered, truly portable audio interface at NAMM® Believe...

The Press Desk
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Squawk 2 days ago
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Eventide releases saturator $29 looks very cool Saturate adds up to 24 dB of overdrive to individual tracks or your entire mix...

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screentan 3 days ago
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MDWEQ6 The Professional EQ Tool State of the Art Sound Quality in Digital Equalization Now Available in Pro Tools AAX DSP &...

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antstudio 3 days ago
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Hi everyone, I'm very happy to announce that the new Tone Projects plug-in is now available. Based on the "Hygge"...

Rune L-H
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bmanic 3 days ago
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You might not need it very often. But if you need it, you want it to be fast and correct and not interrupt the flow of the...

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Gijs 3 days ago
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Mint comprises four different plug-ins embodying a rare GL2112 solid-state console built by an engineer from a well-known...

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dasoundjunkie 3 days ago
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Didn’t see anything for this anywhere. So forgive me if it has been...

melodic dreamer
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thpbt 3 days ago
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PLAY VIDEO: SSD5.5 is available now. SSD5 Users can get this update for FREE. If you're still on SSD4, check your...

Steven Slate
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GrabtharsHammer 3 days ago
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Steven Slate just released free plugin. cooge MEET FRESH AIR Add the smoothest high end you’ve ever heard without even a...

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RoadRanger 3 days ago
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The officially certified collection from the legendary FAME Studios of Muscle Shoals, Alabama, modeling the acclaimed live...

The Press Desk
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guavadude 3 days ago