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Type 69 style eq with discrete bands. So, you can boost or cut bands at the same time. FEATURES - 0 to -15dB cut...

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doughnuts 18 minutes ago
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THE TRUE EMULATION OF OUR QUAD DISCRETE VCA COMPRESSOR https://www.vertigosound.com/media/1550/vsc3-plugin-gui.jpg €149....

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Jeezo 49 minutes ago
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Unfiltered Audio releases TRIAD advanced multi-band plugin Unfiltered Audio advances audio processing possibilities with...

The Press Desk
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BezowinZ 1 hour ago
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CHANDLER LIMITED TG MICROPHONE ANNOUNCED Together, Chandler Limited and Abbey Road Studios continue innovation with...

The Press Desk
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Deckdaddy 2 hours ago
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Warm Audio introduces the WA-251 Tube Condenser Microphone The WA-251 was created to offer a classic microphone design...

The Press Desk
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tkaitkai 3 hours ago
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I have the pleasure to announce the creation of Micro Rocco. Small business specializing in the manufacture of microphones in...

micro rocco
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micro rocco 3 hours ago
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HRK ST552 | Analog Tape Emulator he ST552 is an Analog Tape Emulator dedicated to professional music producers and studio...

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sergioelectro 3 hours ago
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The CrispyTuner is a vocal tuning plug-in that makes professional pitch correction accessible and affordable for anyone! What...

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poshook 3 hours ago
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Virgo Super Clean Guitar Amplifier is ready for download! Introductory price is €57.85 (35%OFF). All links at:...

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kindafishy 3 hours ago
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CAMBRIDGE, MA — Tuesday, April 6, 2021. MOTU is now shipping the UltraLite-mk5, a ground-up redesign of its award-winning...

The Press Desk
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monkeyxx 4 hours ago
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We're excited to announce that the VSX 2.0 software update is now available! This FREE update gives you over $30,000 of new...

Steven Slate
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JameyZ 5 hours ago
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We are glad to introduce you to our latest update: Realphones version 1.7, a complete software solution for mixing with...

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ToneShop 5 hours ago
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Kiive Audio Kiive audio is a new plugin company that I've developed and we just released our first 4 plugins today The 4...

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nichttuntun 7 hours ago
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Springs is a plugin which features a collection of vintage spring reverbs paired with an authentic Baxandall EQ...

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Funkybot 7 hours ago
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Waves releases The Abbey Road Chambers plugin From beautiful natural chamber reverb to surging delay cascades, the rich...

The Press Desk
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simon.billington 8 hours ago
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New update includes long-awaited custom target and translation check features, along with multiple user interface and...

The Press Desk
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soapmak3r 9 hours ago
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We are excited to announce the all new T4BLA! High-end Optocell Upgrade for Optical Compressors The ultimate opto upgrade. At...

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dickiefunk 10 hours ago
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Bus compressor that syncs with your track's tempo SyncPressor is a dynamics processor designed for the master bus,...

The Press Desk
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H_Blaster 10 hours ago
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FabFilter releases FabFilter Saturn 2 AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands, May 19, 2020. FabFilter is proud to announce immediate...

The Press Desk
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bmanic 12 hours ago
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Avantgarde Sound *for the love of the machine PRESS RELEASE Avantgarde Sound (www.AvantgardeSound.com) has announced the...

Avantgarde Sound
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barada 12 hours ago
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Louder Than Liftoff is proud to announce SILVER BULLET...

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ThePremiere 16 hours ago
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BLYSS from Kush: Mastering EQ with VIBE Check it at: The House of...

u b k
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Jeffguitar 19 hours ago
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Usually mastering equalisers are solely focused just on equalization, but PSP MasterQ2 is not merely a masteringEQ; the...

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Mr Grim 1 day ago
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Softube and Weiss Release Weiss EQ1 Plug-in, Weiss Gambit Series for Console 1 channel strip, and Weiss Complete...

The Press Desk
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Shaggy2039 1 day ago
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IK Multimedia releases T-RackS Tape Machine Collection for T-RackS 5 New tape sim plug-ins recreate the iconic character...

The Press Desk
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Herzton 1 day ago
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Cranborne Audio have finally completed the Camden 500 preamp and signal processor for 500 series, and it's actually ended being...

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monkeyxx 1 day ago
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Black Lion Audio revolutionises bus-powered, portable audio interface market with first studio-grade desktop model of its...

The Press Desk
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V PETERO 1 day ago
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New affordable Focal monitors offer 5-inch and 6.5-inch drivers Montreal, Canada — March 25, 2021 — Today Focal has...

The Press Desk
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Boy_Narf 1 day ago
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Products: Gainstation - Gainstation Boost Developer: Acustica Audio Gainstation - Price (MSRP): Introductory pricing - €74.50...

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rameron 1 day ago
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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (June 22, 2021) - Blackbird Studio and Nashville-based developer of audio tools KIT Plugins (KIT) have...

The Press Desk
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edekzgredek1997 1 day ago
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. ...still looking for a really convincing guitar amp tone for your ITB productions? Tired of lifeless digital emulations of...

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highvoltage 1 day ago
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DMAX Audio Introduces the Super Cubes 5 Active Near-Field monitors. http://www.dmaxaudio.com/images/SC5_GS1.jpg DMAX Audio...

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b0se 1 day ago
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Stam Audio Fairchild clone for under $3000. Let the witch hunt begin! gooof

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paulthesparky 1 day ago
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SVT® Suite features three of the most renowned SVT amp heads: The HeritageTM 50th Anniversary SVT, the Heritage...

The Press Desk
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Jeezo 1 day ago
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Hi There is a new update to BFD3.4 and a free expansion if you migrate your FXpansion account. BUT.... Anyone from...

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elambo 1 day ago
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Plugin Alliance launches Lindell Audio 50 Series with Brainworx-licensed TMT to transform DAWs into an analog mixing...

The Press Desk
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jams3223 1 day ago
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SSL releases Native V6 plug-ins Signature SSL processing for your DAW in an enhanced environment Solid State Logic is...

The Press Desk
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raal 2 days ago
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Neumann announces V 402 state-of-the art dual channel microphone preamplifier The V 402 is a state-of-the art dual...

The Press Desk
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dfghdhr 2 days ago
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Avid introduces a new audio interface called Pro Tools | Carbon. The device will be available during November. From...

The Press Desk
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citytape 2 days ago
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IK Multimedia announces the Hammond B-3X tonewheel organ virtual instrument. Created in close collaboration with Hammond USA...

The Press Desk
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telecode 2 days ago
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Product: Diamond Color EQ 3 Developer: Acustica Audio Price (MSRP): Early access pricing - 59.00€ - Save 70% OFF - For the...

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WrathOfMaitreya 2 days ago
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Roland Introduces ZENOLOGY, an Expandable Plug-In Version of Its Revolutionary ZEN-Core Synthesis System ZENOLOGY Brings...

The Press Desk
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momomel 2 days ago
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Saw this and didn't see a thread here for discussion. it's 24.99 per month for those that don't want to click through the link...

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Neptune45 2 days ago
Avatar for AnalogObsession

Hi all! Before releasing new plugins, I decided to update VariMoon. After this update, I have big news and...

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Dirk Churlish 2 days ago
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Sonic integrity at higher dBs — Dynamic, transparent and loud T-RackS Stealth Limiter is a new kind of processor for the...

The Press Desk
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MogwaiBoy 2 days ago
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“The new HEDD product line demonstrates what can be achieved today both in audio quality and control versatility. We...

The Press Desk
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TJ99 2 days ago
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Hi I decided not to attend this second New York AES as that venue has been used for years 2015, 2017 and now 2018... the west...

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lwstudios 2 days ago
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I saw this ad in TapeOp. I don’t remember seeing anything about it from NAMM and I can’t find anything online. Looks like...

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tdr 2 days ago
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SSL’s new eCommerce platform to showcase the next generation of software processing tools starting with the LMC+, offered...

The Press Desk
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Finnish 3 days ago
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Hi all! Before new year, last updates are ready! About next updates and plugins... In 2021, i will update my all plugins...

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Avatar for doughnuts
doughnuts 3 days ago