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IK Multimedia releases T-RackS Tape Machine Collection for T-RackS 5 New tape sim plug-ins recreate the iconic character...

The Press Desk
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Funkybot 23 minutes ago
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HoRNet releases TOTAL EQ Plug-In HoRNet TOTAL EQ is a precise and versatile equalizer with a handy spectrum analyzer. ...

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Karloff70 50 minutes ago
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Wimberley, TX (February 2nd, 2021) – On the heels of updating their 5059 Satellite and 5060 Centerpiece summing mixers,...

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Fabio 1 hour ago
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New in Soundtoys 5: Effect Rack, PrimalTap, and Little AlterBoy plug-ins. New authorization options and workflow...

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thedommer 1 hour ago
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True Iron is a new plugin made by Shane McFee in conjunction with Devin Powers (Powers Music Company). It accurately emulates...

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blaugruen7 1 hour ago
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DMG Audio : VST/AU EQ, Compression & Dynamic Processing heh The...

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mxbf 2 hours ago
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A little while back I shot out and programmed Townhouse Studios AMS RMX 16. This was the same unit used on many landmark records...

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Arseny 2 hours ago
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As if the previous version wasn't (and sill is) amazing enough.. They've just announce a slight cheaper/smaller version. I'm...

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alexpen 2 hours ago
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MOTU releases M2 and M4 USB-C Bus Powered Interfaces MOTU is now shipping the M2 and M4, two new USB bus-powered audio...

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joshmelo 2 hours ago
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We're introducing our ultra-fast Windows Thunderbolt™ driver for sub-millisecond round-trip...

Antelope Audio
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ori9inal 3 hours ago
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IK Multimedia enhances user software experience with the new, free IK Product Manager Downloading, updating and managing...

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Peter - IK 4 hours ago
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November 16, 2020: Voxengo Elephant version 4.12 is now available for download. Voxengo Elephant is a mastering limiter plugin...

Voxengo Aleksey
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RightOnRome 4 hours ago
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GARDENA, Calif.─ PMI Audio Group has announced the release of two new Trident Digital Edition plugins. Designed from the ground...

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alanhyatt 4 hours ago
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Acustica is very proud to release the first plate Reverb Acqua plugin. Discover our new...

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zaphod 4 hours ago
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Magenta 4. Paint your mix. Product: Magenta 4 Developer: Acustica Audio Price (MSRP): Special pre-sale price at €169.15...

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damianlegassick 5 hours ago
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Hampshire, UK, 6th Jan 2021 - As the world of audio continues to evolve, audio tech company Audient does the same,...

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wanghao 5 hours ago
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Avid introduces a new audio interface called Pro Tools | Carbon. The device will be available during November. From...

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dominicperry 6 hours ago
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Pre-sale download available: elysia Phil's Cascade - Plugin Alliance Now downloading to test...

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badmark 6 hours ago
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Synchro Arts Release Revoice Pro 4.2 Synchro Arts, the makers of VocALign, release 4.2 update to their flagship pitch...

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yosserten 6 hours ago
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In 2015 SPL released the IRON mastering compressor based on an original concept. Their goal was to conceive a compressor...

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Stereo Flux 6 hours ago
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Available exclusively via Plugin Alliance, and enhanced by Brainworx with patent-pending TMT and more, we are happy to add...

M Albazy
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simon.billington 7 hours ago
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sahlender 11 hours ago
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The all-round music creation suite for every stage of production March 4, 2021 - IK Multimedia releases Total Studio 3...

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Neptune45 11 hours ago
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Haven't seen any mention of this yet ... thought y'all might find it interesting: The Vintage Microphone Handbook:...

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PR13 11 hours ago
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Empirical Labs announces availability of its BIG FrEQTM plug-in, partially extrapolated from its Lil FrEQ...

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Dave Derr 16 hours ago
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IK Multimedia T-RackS® Sunset Sound Studio Reverb recreates iconic studio's spaces Reverb processor module offers the...

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guavadude 16 hours ago
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Modartt releases version 7 of Pianoteq, introducing acoustic Morphing and Layering which let you create and mix hybrid...

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Fleer 17 hours ago
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Looks like 2020 is the year for portable/desktop solutions :

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freshmints 21 hours ago
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Lek 22 hours ago
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The Legend! Very unique and original sounding reverbs and delays from the H3000! In Volume 1, you will get 41 different...

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PastToFuture 23 hours ago
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Version 6 of Mixbus is now available! Mixbus is a full-featured audio workstation with recording, arranging, editing,...

Harrison Press
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remrec 1 day ago
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MA 1 – The first automatic monitor alignment from Neumann; jointly developed with Fraunhofer IIS German studio...

The Press Desk
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theo aronson 1 day ago
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Standalone MPC – No Computer Required | Powerful Multicore System from the MPC Live and MPC X | 16 Velocity...

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circuitslave 1 day ago
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New update includes long-awaited custom target and translation check features, along with multiple user interface and...

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jimmydeluxe 1 day ago
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IK Multimedia releases T-RackS® Space Delay plug-in emulation of iconic tape delay unit New plug-in recreates the...

The Press Desk
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telecode 1 day ago
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Dear fellow Gearslutz, it's done, ADAPTIVERB is here! Please find below the PR – as soon as I have had some breakfast (while...

Denis Goekdag
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Sharp11 1 day ago
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"JST Clip is my version of a clipper that is built with the mixing and mastering engineer in mind. This powerful peak...

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jamesjack 1 day ago
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AwTAC is very proud to release our first Compressor module for 500. The AwTAC Channel...

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cgarges 1 day ago
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New UF8 expandable DAW controller stimulates accelerated creativity with intelligent production ergonomics and 360° control...

The Press Desk
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blipson 1 day ago
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We are happy to announce the first product of Nembrini Audio:the LoFi Vintage Clipper plugin! Nembrini Audio LoFi Vintage...

Nembrini Audio
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michal.ochedowski 1 day ago
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THE BEESNEEZ BU87I C Australian Dollars $860 For many years, the U87 through its many revisions has found a place among the...

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Benjamin81 1 day ago
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lowerbackproblems 1 day ago
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We are happy to announce to you our newest effect plugin: Green Reaper...

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vitocorleone123 1 day ago
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[email protected] 1 day ago
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Neumann presents KH 750 DSP Subwoofer Deep bass in a small space Berlin, January 24, 2019 – With the KH 750 DSP...

The Press Desk
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dfghdhr 1 day ago
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Acustica Audio releases 'Taupe' - bringing in-the-box mixers the authentic sound of 21 analog tape machines, 3 consoles, 2...

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Jwitb 1 day ago
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Sonimus releases Satson Channel Strip Plug-In Satson Channel Strip is a powerful virtual rack which allows you to use up to...

The Press Desk
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MogwaiBoy 1 day ago
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Rupert Neve Designs Introduces The MBC: Master Buss...

rupert neve TR
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raal 1 day ago
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TDR Nova family updated to version 2.0.0 Updates are free of charge. Customers find updated installers in their customer...

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Havok87 1 day ago
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RMS-MC5 VALVOP New 500-Series Vacuum Tube Optical Compressor From Roll Music Systems Oct 18, 2013 135th AES Convention...

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RockinRobinSTB 1 day ago