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Universal Audio has announced UADx native, allowing users to equip their DAWs with select UAD2 plug-ins without the need for the...

The Press Desk
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4fmb 2 minutes ago
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Mikko is at it again - now with a JCM 800 amp sim. It is absolutely killer. I’ve been wanting a stand-alone 800 plugin that...

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Coles Royce 21 minutes ago
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not much info, yet. but it damn sure looks sweet yingyang from the IGS website: "The ZEN is unique. The construction is...

the fxs
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vasylek 27 minutes ago
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VIDEO: Dear Music Makers, My goal as an audio developer is to make most perfect products for the industry that my team...

Steven Slate
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xenontx 30 minutes ago
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P11 Abyss an audio compressor plugin that can react before you can blink your eyes with a 1µs attack & release and zero...

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lclyman 35 minutes ago
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Antares releases Auto-Tune Pro X, a major update to the company's flagship vocal tuning software. Auto-Tune Pro X continues to...

The Press Desk
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nukmusic 44 minutes ago
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BiG SiX - The Essential SSL Studio Advanced hybrid production BiG SiX combines production tools from iconic SSL studio...

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Skamm Goodiez 44 minutes ago
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Make Believe is proud to present the Make Believe Bundle and the Sontec-432-D9D. both can be purchased at our website. Thank you...

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Karloff70 47 minutes ago
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I am happy to announce the SP950 effect plugin, tackling the challenge of recreating the mystical sound of the E-mu SP1200,...

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waveTracing 1 hour ago
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AMS Neve releases its first compact-sized Dual Mic Preamp and USB audio interface. The 88M applies the same transformer-balanced...

The Press Desk
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Bstapper 1 hour ago
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Lindell Audio announces availability of LiN76 Vintage Limiting Amplifier aptly designed to recreate timbres and nuances of...

The Press Desk
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BruceSokolovic 1 hour ago
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Hey Everyone!!! I'm super stoked to release our newest plugin!!!! the ADC1 Compressor /...

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Kiiveaudio 2 hours ago
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I'm very proud to introduce to you the first Plugin release from new company Gowans Audio. The brain child of Engineer /...

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leckel1996 2 hours ago
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I'm happy to introduce to the forum the StamChild 670 MK2. Our second and improved take on the iconic Fairchild 670 with more...

Stam Audio
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J Gabriel 3 hours ago
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New UF8 expandable DAW controller stimulates accelerated creativity with intelligent production ergonomics and 360° control...

The Press Desk
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kirito 4 hours ago
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ValhallaVintageVerb is a postmodern reverb plugin, inspired by the classic hardware digital reverbs of the 1970s and...

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IVsnd 4 hours ago
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We are glad to introduce you to our latest update: Realphones 1.8. This is all you need for mixing with...

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xenontx 6 hours ago
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frabo 7 hours ago
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Hi all! Here is CHANNEV! Ultimate channel-strip with Mic Preamp, De-Esser, Line-Amp, 4 band equalizer, Compressor,...

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cultmethod 8 hours ago
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UAD Spark empowers musicians with iconic analog hardware and instrument plug-ins for a low monthly price. With the latest update,...

The Press Desk
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bgood 9 hours ago
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Hello everyone! After 6 years of development, I'm excited to finally announce the launch of Ghost Cable @ I...

Ghost Cable
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elambo 9 hours ago
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(Munich, DE / London, UK) - TBProAudio and are proud to announce GSat+, a brand-new high-end saturation plug-in...

The Press Desk
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TBProAudio 10 hours ago
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The AL Active in-line 48V phantom powered preamp is the perfect solution for studios, artists, and engineers whose goal is to...

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Sinocelt 10 hours ago
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The Samar Audio Design MG20 is a transformer coupled small diaphragm cardioid microphone that features very low noise, high SPL...

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Sinocelt 10 hours ago
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Kirchhoff-EQ is an ultimate 32-band parametric EQ plugin built for all critical professional applications. It has refined sound...

TBTech Co. Ltd.
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Homunculus 14 hours ago
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Easily create, perform and bend beats through the innovative beatmaker and sound design controls. Here is the...

Teletone Audio
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Teletone Audio 14 hours ago
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I'm happy to announce the availability of Fauxmo, an entirely new Ensoniq Fizmo patch editor / librarian. It's the first Fizmo...

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Releaux 14 hours ago
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LiquidSonics Announce Cinematic Rooms - Powerful Atmos Compatible Reverb June 1st 2020, LiquidSonics, London, UK - the...

The Press Desk
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wvshpr 15 hours ago
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Wimberley, TX (November 17th, 2021) – Rupert Neve Designs is proud to announce the 5025 Dual Shelford Mic Pre, a limited...

The Press Desk
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the fxs 16 hours ago
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View online version Plugindoctor v2 released Dear Plugindoctor users, v2 of The Doctor has been released! This...

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Monaco 17 hours ago
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Tulip is the third plug-in in our 'Boutique Collection' that aims to reproduce the essence of unique gear, those elusive...

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AcusticaCM 17 hours ago
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New Massenburg DesignWorks MDWDRC2-Native Dynamic Range Controller Plugin for Pro Tools AAX, VST3 and AU. State-of-the-Art Sound...

The Press Desk
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djrustycans 18 hours ago
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NetworkSound is pleased to announce the new addition to the Mamba Patch Panel family. A custom XLR to SONY-Panasonic Camera...

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netsound 19 hours ago
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After some time, we are back to emulation. While designing new concepts is amazing, there is something magic in emulation. That...

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brokbeatz 19 hours ago
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Solid State Logic (SSL) introduce two new modular processors as part of revitalising their renowned, and often emulated, SSL...

The Press Desk
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blayz2002 20 hours ago
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Pop Audio relaunches their award-winning Pop Filter product range. Now available alongside the flagship three-filter Studio Set...

The Press Desk
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TheKosherButcher 23 hours ago
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Louder Than Liftoff is proud to announce SILVER BULLET...

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nudwig 23 hours ago
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Solid State Logic Launch 16 Channel ORIGIN Mixing Console: Stunning SSL Sound Quality, Powerful Routing Options, and Intelligent...

The Press Desk
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wavewalker 1 day ago
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Thanks to feedback from the entire LUNA community, we’re proud to introduce LUNA v1.2. This major software update...

The Press Desk
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Universal Audio 1 day ago
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Solid State Logic’s 9000 J joins Brainworx’s SSL-Console Series “The bx_console SSL 9000 J was the missing link...

The Press Desk
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MpaMusik 1 day ago
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Wavesfactory Announce Spectre Multi-band Enhancer Plug-in Wavesfactory, creators of innovative plug-ins and Kontakt...

The Press Desk
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Artean 1 day ago
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There was a YouTube video about it, but they took it down shortly after it got published. There even was an Instagram post about...

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d33psp33d 1 day ago
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IK Multimedia AmpliTube TONEX is the software-based ecosystem for creating, sharing and downloading Tone Models of guitar and...

The Press Desk
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Judders 1 day ago
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Hi everyone! Something new has arrived! We're proud to introduce Multiplicity. It’s a multiband processor and dynamic EQ....

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twofold 1 day ago
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First-ever authentic plug-in emulation of the chambers that made the “Motown Sound” now available for Apollo and UAD Spark....

The Press Desk
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mdme_sadie 1 day ago
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Enjoy a Special Black Friday gift from your friends at Acustica with a single minimum purchase of €140 The ultimate...

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plexus 1 day ago
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The first physically modeled electric bass goes next level adding fretless and double-bass models, a brand-new Patterns section...

The Press Desk
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barbital 1 day ago
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Now available: Sound Skulptor MP566 Tube preamplifier kit Dual...

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cracker satchmo 1 day ago
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Hi, Plugin Alliance releases a new visualizer and AB comparator. Looks powerful. Plugin Alliance says : "ADPTR...

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mu:zines 1 day ago
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Product: Aquamarine4 Developer: Acustica Audio Price (MSRP): EARLY ACCESS PRICING- 99.00€ (REG. 199.00€) Save 50%OFF For the...

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poppaflavor 1 day ago