Open Labs, LLC. (, today announced Stagelight 2.0, the most inspiring and groundbreaking version of Stagelight to date. Stagelight 2.0 is a FREE update for all registered owners and is available for download immediately. Stagelight 2.0 delivers exciting new enhancements such as LoopBuilder™, a radical new looping feature that allows for fast and simple music creation for any novice, DJ or professional. Stagelight 2.0 also includes a fully functioning in-app store where you can browse, audition and purchase additional sounds, loops packs, exclusive artist bundles and other advanced features.

“Stagelight 2.0 is here and is ready for the world to create and play with music.” said Cliff Mountain, President and CEO of Open Labs. “It is our most captivating version of Stagelight so far thanks to our team and the amazing participation and feedback from our community of music enthusiasts all around the globe. Stagelight 2.0 truly delivers on our promise to make music creation and performance accessible to anyone regardless of wealth, education or experience.”

LoopBuilder is a loop-style production feature that allows you to mash-up and record your favorite performances all in a single touch. You can experiment with the hundreds of FREE loops included w/ Stagelight 2.0 or import your very own custom sounds for a unique mash-up of different styles and genres. It doesn’t matter if you’re just beginning to make music, a seasoned DJ or a professional music producer, LoopBuilder delivers the fun and excitement required for all types of music creation and performance. LoopBuilder, however, is only one of the many new feature enhancements found in Stagelight 2.0.

Stagelight 2.0 introduces its brand new Electro Instrument Series™, native FX and classic features such as Key Lock, the piano that can’t play wrong notes. You can easily explore new genres of music, take step-by-step lessons and learn other advanced features and tips all within the app’s SongBuilder™ engine. Share your songs with friends and family with Stagelight’s one-touch publishing to the cloud and connect with other musicians in the Stagelight artist community. Also, Stagelight 2.0’s streamlined interface and optimized touch-friendly editing suite provides an even more intuitive touch screen experience than ever before.

Stagelight’s all new in-app store is where you will find professional loops, exclusive bundles and other advanced features to add to your sound library and at a price you will enjoy. Stagelight’s in-app store is designed to give you the power to find world-class sounds and features you want, when you want them and without ever having to leave the app. This is where you will find exclusive content from Open Labs partners Timbaland and Linkin Park.

All of these enhancements come with a smaller footprint, faster load time and added performance making Stagelight the most desirable music creation app available for mobile and desktop PCs. Stagelight’s ease of use, cutting edge functionality and low price has allowed Open Labs to capture customers in more than 121 countries worldwide and has unlocked countless possibilities for musicians, creators and educators alike. And at the price of $9.99, Stagelight is the most incredible value in the industry.

Stagelight is available for PCs and tablets that have Windows 7 or Windows 8, a minimum of 2 GB of RAM and at least an i3 processor or equivalent. Stagelight is available in English and in simplified Chinese.

You can download a FREE trial of Stagelight 2.0 here:

Link : Open Labs - Home