USB Audio-Interface and Monitor Controller - Professional sound at an incredible price

With or without DAW
The Crimson is designed to operate with your Digital Audio Workstation. But you can also do a lot with it as stand-alone device: plug in an instrument and play. Connect a microphone and sing along.

Mix your own monitor signal with playback or guide tracks from any source – including your smartphone. Not bad what you are playing? Turn on the DAW and record it.

A new concept for a new value
At SPL we design audio equipment in all price ranges – except cheap gear. Therefore, each SPL unit provides professional quality. The Crimson goes ahead now and sets a new sound quality benchmark in its price range: we have re-designed proven circuitries and created a new, fully integrated design. Together with new production methods we break through common price limits.

So with the Crimson interface and controller you get a boutique level recording and monitoring device at a fraction of the price we used to know from traditional engineering and manufacturing.

Special Features
  • 30 I/O channels (10 recording channels and 20 playback channels)
  • +/- 18V operational voltage for professional levels up to +24dB
  • Two boutique level, discrete Class A, +/-30V high-voltage mic-preamplifiers
  • Two Hi-Z instrument preamplifiers
  • Two separate headphones amps, individually controllable
  • Connect and control two stereo speaker sets
  • Monitor signal mix function for playback and recording paths
  • MIDI input and output via two DIN sockets
  • USB 2.0, S/P-DIF input and output
  • 24Bit/192kHz converter
  • Made in Germany
  • RRP €549.00 EURO (including German VAT) / $725.00 USD
  • Availability scheduled for July 2013.

Link : In Short: Sound Performance Lab