Howdy folks. In anticipation of its debut at NAMM this weekend, we wanted to formally introduce the M82 Dynamic to the forum. This is very exciting for everyone here as this mic has been in development for close to 2 years now. Numerous revisions have been put through their paces on the road and in various studios over the last year and the final product is now underway.

The M82 follows the lineage of our existing M8x line of dynamic microphones, inspired by the astronomical objects discovered by Charlies Messier (List of Messier objects - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia). This product line aims to provide a sonically superior alternative to the industry standards available now.

The mic's main features include:
- Large 35mm dynamic capsule coupled to a fully passive signal path.
- 2 independent switches that yield 4 unique voices. The first switch is a reductive notch filter designed with kick drum EQ in mind, the second an upper-mid and high-frequency boost which makes the mic quite versatile for voice and other instrument applications.
- A stand-mount adapter which threads securely onto the base of the microphone.
- Classic U47 inspired styling with a twist: the mic is actually end-address for ease of placement in tight spaces.
- MSRP $399

For the full rundown please visit the official M82 product page

For an honest kick-drum shootout of the M82 with many other common dynamics you can visit our Soundcloud page

And to get everyone going I've attached a couple photos of a pre-production model we have kickin' around the lab. Cheers!