Distributor introduces new studio monitors brand to U.S. market

Mixware has been appointed Exclusive US Distributor of Monkey Banana studio reference monitors. Monkey Banana is a young and dynamic manufacturer based in Germany and has entered the monitor market with the highly successful Turbo Series, composed of four digital near field active monitors (4”, 5”, 6”, and 8” drivers) and a 10” subwoofer. All models are available in red or black.

The Turbo Series is not only stylish in appearance, but also employs serious engineering to achieve the best acoustic performance. Bass-reflex acoustic design combines maximum efficiency and optimal bass extension. MDF material ensures proper damping of vibrations and unwanted resonances from the drivers. All this is done behind a sophisticated industrial design utilizing modern fashion elements. In order to achieve this perfect combination of sound quality and appearance, the Turbo series enclosures were designed as a non-regular hexagon, which is most effective in minimizing standing waves inside the enclosure. All internal surfaces are lined with blended wool to further damp the structure of the cabinet.

Using high quality pure silk from Europe, the patented tweeter dome shape perfectly articulates the high frequencies out past 20 kHz. It is designed to have a low resonance (for a low crossover point) but also high power handling. The rare earth neodymium magnet is not only extremely efficient, but also is inherently magnetically shielded. As with all Monkey Banana products, it is made from only the best environment-friendly materials. With high-temperature voice coil, this tweeter is as powerful as it is graceful in its sound reproduction.

The Turbo Series woofers used patented technology from the Aviation industry. The PP carbon fiber / ceramic composite cone strikes a perfect balance between strength and weight. This lightweight yet strong cone ensures an extremely fast transient response from bass notes all the way through to the midrange. The cone geometry also ensures extreme power and heat resistance, whether playing loud rock or subtle classical music. The magnetic structure is a shielded design and of course made from all environment-friendly materials. Made using latest "green" plastic injection molding techniques, the port has been designed to maximize the acoustic output of the woofer. Using the latest in aerodynamic technology, the port effectively tunes the cabinet to the optimum frequency, while minimizing any air turbulence noise from the powerful movement of the woofer. As the woofer moves, the port also acts to move large volumes of air in and out, and ventilate the internal heat generated by the amplifier.

The custom-made amplifier design uses only professional grade multi-layer PC boards (compared with the single sided PC boards used in other speakers). This ensures that the circuitry and components have better reliability and better performance, which in the end means higher fidelity sound. Only audiophile grade components and high-tech SMT manufacturing are using in the making of our products. The custom-made components are carefully selected using the most advanced and demanding industrial standards. The Class-AB power amplifier design is mature and very stable. Its energy-efficient performance ensures maximum efficiency while providing extremely accurate music reproduction. The use of thicker gauge, audiophile grade cables for the woofer and tweeter wiring makes for a lossless signal transmission. Our engineers have thought through each detail of the design to ensure our studio monitor products maintain the highest standards for the most demanding listeners. Made from tempered steel, the extra thick amplifier panel provides excellent heat dissipation, while damping out any vibrations made by the woofer. The panel also features all flush mounting screws to ensure an adequate air seal to the cabinet. Surface is painted matt black using only environment friendly paint. The heat sink constructed from the finest quality aluminum, the heat sink acts to dissipate the heat generated from the amplifier IC chips. The heat sink not only cools the amplifier itself, but also helps to remove heat generated by the drivers as well. Utilizing thermodynamic design, the heat sink is mounted vertically on the amplifier panel, which is placed right behind the woofer. Orienting the slots vertically and with sufficient space between them, allows optimum heat removal. The woofer's pistonic motion also helps to dissipate the heat faster, as the heat is then ventilated from the port to the outside of the speaker box.

All screws are created using environmentally friendly processing, forged with ultra-high strength steel, and zinc-plated. Turbo series engineers have paid careful attention to every detail of the design right down to the screws in order to deliver products that reflect quality in every way.

“Mixware and Monkey Banana are both young and growing companies with a common goal and a common vision. With our experience in the monitor market, and Monkey Banana’s outstanding products and attention to detail, it’s a win-win relationship and I have great hopes for the brand’s success in the US market,” said Mixware co-founder Laurent Cohen who, alongside Mixware partner (and father) Gerard Cohen, founded the Stanton Group, which acquired KRK Systems in 2000.

“And who doesn’t love a company with a sense of humor? I mean, Monkey Banana? This is the music business, after all.” added Cohen.

The Turbo5, Turbo6, and Turbo10s are available now, with other models following shortly. Visit MIXWARE : US Distributor of Electrix, Reloop, UDG, Decksaver, & Magma for product details and US retailers.