Airwindows Bit Glitter

Thanks to Chad Clark for the name!

Bit Glitter is a universal binary, 64-bit AU plugin, successor to the plugin 'ESP' which was intended to mimic the classic Emu SP-1200 sampler. (and which sounded fine but didn't replicate the SP-1200 as much as intended)

The deal with Bit Glitter is this- I thought, why not just run with what it's good at? Bit Glitter has the same frequency-chopping behavior (you can hear in the demo I've attached) but now it has input and output trims, and it needs them- because now, Bit Glitter is designed to slam into distortion, to make it bark and punch insanely hard.

I don't know how to describe how well it does that, so listen to the demo. It kind of drowns out my talking at times- the demo alternates between a drum loop (sneak peek of another product), the Logic bitcrusher, and Bit Glitter. I'm not specifying where the Logic one is switched out and Bit Glitter is switched in, because it's beyond obvious. Bit Glitter has a whole analog-style texture going on even while producing all the right artifacts this type of plugin must product, and it sounds BIG even before you crank it way up.

When you crank it way up and play with the 'Bit Glitter' frequency control, you get dial-a-monster. This is a bit-crusher for those who have not seen the point of a bit crusher/frequency chopper. For those who already use 'em, with a bit of luck this will make a bunch of people happy!

Bit Glitter page (from which you can buy it)
Download the Bit Glitter demo

Hope you like it! Chad, since you suggested the name, would you like a copy?