Spiral Groove announces the launch of a new website Spiral Groove Studio One | Spiral Groove Studio Monitors , Spiral Groove, Monitors, Mixing Monitors, 2-way, Woofer, Tweeters, featuring the Spiral Groove Studio One, a 2-way nearfield mixing monitor. The new website features detailed information, images, users and news about the Studio One nearfield mixing monitor.

The Studio One is the first in a series of mixing and mastering solutions from Spiral Groove, designed to support the professional community. Brian Lucey, a Grammy-winning mastering engineer in Columbus, Ohio, has connected his clients and Gearslutz friends with this mixing speaker for over two years. The Studio One has been used in a variety of professional and home studios, for mixing sound-for-picture, rock, pop, dance, etc. With this new website and U.S. based production chain, the Studio One is now available to studios worldwide.

The Studio One is the latest endeavor from Spiral Groove founder Allen Perkins (SOTA, IMMEDIA, Spiral-Groove, Canalis) working in conjunction with renowned loudspeaker designer Joachim Gerhard (Audio Physic, Sonics).

At the heart of all Spiral Groove products is Perkins' concept of Balance Force Design, aimed at achieving the most elegant equilibrium of materials, performance, function, manufacturability and aesthetics. To this end, the Studio One incorporates a number of novel engineering and materials concepts - including the use of multi-ply bamboo as a cabinet material. "Bamboo offers an ideal combination of strength, sonic neutrality, machinability and beauty", notes Perkins.

Studio One is a mixing monitor speaker designed to convey music with exceptional fidelity and emotional involvement, in the near field. "I've worked with Joachim Gerhard for many years," continued Perkins, "he is gifted in his ability to apply technically correct engineering to achieve emotionally moving musical results. As a musician and hobby recording studio owner I always wanted a mixing speaker that delivered musical enjoyment along with high resolution. I finally have that with the Studio One"

Studio One loudspeakers are developed and manufactured by Spiral Groove in Berkeley, California. For more information please visit
Spiral Groove Studio One | Spiral Groove Studio Monitors , Spiral Groove, Monitors, Mixing Monitors, 2-way, Woofer, Tweeters