We are pleased to announce that the DRAGON Dynamic Processor is now shipping worldwide.

The DRAGON is an FET compressor with a supercharged hifi signal path, three character options called "sheen" "bite" and "boom", a "vintage" setting to emulate a more classic sound, a hi pass filter, a mixbuss ready 2:1 option, a classic all buttons in "squash" setting, stereo linking switches, a three stage "saturation" selector for added harmonics and fatness, and a WET/DRY mix knob for parrallel compressing within the unit.

You can check out some audio demos at the new Slate Pro Audio webpage:

The Slate Pro Audio DRAGON is a true compressor chameleon that has already found fans in uber producer Jay Baumgarder, mixer Chris Lord Alge, producers Brett Chassen and Bob Kulick, producer Ran Pink, producer Griffon Boice, and more. Check the distributor list at SLATE PRO AUDIO to find a dealer near you to demo the unit.