Cartec are a new British company that have stepped up to fight in the 'clone wars' with their version of the classic Pultec EQ. After a conversation at Olympic studios in London regarding their Pultecs and the noise/maintenance issues Liam Carter set out to build a no compromise alternative

The Cartec EQP-1A features...

- All valve gain stage and valve power rectification
- Transformer balanced input and output (authentic hand-wound British Sowter models)
- Point-to-point wiring (no circuit boards inside) and hand assembled in England
- Sealed switches and control pots (military grade Grayhill and PEC models respectively)
- JJ ECC83s, ECC82 and United Electronic CV4005 rectifier valves
- 150mm deep aluminium chassis/engraved aluminium faceplate
- Custom made knobs by Davies molding (Manufacturer of the original Pultec knobs)

We think it looks great and sounds amazing but we would say that!
so feel free to contact us with any technical questions or for details of how to buy or demo a unit

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